Round 2 at the Style Lounge

As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, last Sunday I had an appointment with a stylist at the Style Lounge at Westfield Montgomery Mall in Bethesda, MD.  As a blogger who can help spread the word, I was treated to a session with the stylist and a $100 gift card to purchase something based on the stylists' recommendations.*

*Please note that although I did receive a gift card, my blog posts on this subject consist of my own thoughts and opinions.

When I got to the mall, I saw that the new Style Lounge is a scaled-down version of the huge "closet" they had during Stacy London's Style Tour.  (Which I understand she'll be doing again this fall.)  There was still a closet full of clothing and shoes, as well as some glass shelves with various accessories.  My stylist, Winnie, first told me a bit about the Style Lounge.  I think I mentioned in my previous blog that this was a permanent feature, but it actually is running through September 30 (although depending on how it's received, it could be there longer).  She explained how people can set appointments to meet with a stylist to figure out what styles work best for their age, shape, size, preferences.  If the schedule allows, the stylist will even go shopping with you.  And, Winnie stressed, this is all for FREE.  She said people think there's a catch, but there really isn't.  

After the introduction, Winnie led me to a 3-way mirror, and we discussed my body shape.  She told me I have an hourglass figure (I do?!), and she proceeded to make recommendations based on that.    She recommended clothing that accentuated my waist while camoflauging the areas I'd like to hide.  She mentioned wrap dresses, ruching, pencil skirts, and bottoms that came to my narrow points--either my knees or my ankles.  (As opposed to mid-calf like what I had on.)

Winnie pulled a few styles from the closet to demonstrate what I should be looking for.  For example:

Me and my stylist, Winnie.

After discussing a few more recommendations, she said, "Let's go shopping!"  (That was a surprise!  I was just expecting a consultation--I didn't know she'd actually be shopping with me.  This was because her schedule allowed her the time.  Have a stylist shop with you would depend on how many other appointments are scheduled when you're there.)

Honestly, I felt like I was on a mini-episode of What Not to Wear...it was kind of exciting.  We headed to Nordstrom where Winnie selected several things for me to try on.  I could see in the mirror why certain cuts worked, and while others didn't.  For example, I need pencil skirts and not A-line because I don't need the extra bulk at the bottom.  The biggest thrill for me is that Winnie brought in clothes that were a size smaller than I've been wearing, and they fit!  She even brought in some pants that were two sizes down and though they were the wrong material for me, I got into them!  That was pretty exciting. 

In the end, I purchased two tops and two pencil skirts.  I had to spend some of my own money (we were at Nordstrom, after all), but it was worth it.  I haven't worn a skirt in YEARS. (I work in a really casual office--I think that if I wear a skirt to work, my coworkers might pass out.)  Here's one of the outfits I bought:

It was a great day, and I really would like to have Winnie with me all the time.  I learned a lot during our little session.  I talked to my mom and sister and they're ready to make their own appointments.  I can't wait to hear about their results too.

After my appointment, I received an email with additional ideas for the types of clothes I should look for:

 Pretty cool.

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