A surprising turn of events on Project Runway

I'm in the middle of watching this week's Project Runway and find myself quite surprised, disappointed, pissed off, and charmed all at the same time. 

Up until this point, I've been pulling for Ven to win the whole thing.  He's calm, cool & collected, and his clothing is gorgeous.  My least favorite has been Gunnar...not necessarily because of his work, but because of his ENORMOUS ego, attitude, and general diva-ness.

On this week's show, the designers were challenged to create a new look for a normal, everyday person.  These folks are all shapes and sizes.  When Ven was introduced to his client (a woman who's probably a size 12 or 14), you could see in his expression that he wasn't pleased.  Then, sure enough in his solo interview, he says, "When I first see Terri, I'm in shock.  I'm very disappointed.  This is extremely different than designing for a model because the proportions are completely off.  You know, these women have wide waistlines and hip lines, so this is definitely a challenge."  Asshole.  Plus, the lady is going to see this show at some point, and she already seemed pretty down on herself.  Nice move, Slick.

Meanwhile, Gunnar is introduced to his client, who's maybe a size 10 or 12 (it's hard to tell on TV!), and he says to the camera, "I think it's extremely important to design for the average, everyday person.  I make clothing for regular women that want to look great."  Later the client is moved to tears at the special attention she's receiving, and he says, "Why the tears?"  And she says she's just happy.  He gives her a hug and says, "This is gonna be so much fun.  I'm gonna make you into a fox...you don't even know!"  Then, in the solo interview he says, "She's going to be my driving force to get me through this challenge.  It's funny how a random person can step in at the right moment to help you out, and not even know that they're doing that."


Based on what I've seen earlier this season, I would have expected Gunnar to express what Ven said, and instead, he proved me completely wrong.  I was so moved by how he interacted with his client.  My esteem of these two designers has flip-flopped.  I really no longer have any respect for Ven. 

I'm only 12 minutes into the show as I'm writing this, but I'm really pulling for Gunnar on this one.

Update:  OMFG.  So, now I'm 25 minutes in and Tim Gunn is making his rounds to see what the designers are up to.  When he gets to Ven, Ven says, "When I first met her, I was actually a little bit shocked, because I've never worked with plus size before."  Tim asks, "Well, what size is she?" And Ven says, "Oh my god...I'm thinking around a fourrrrtteeenn."  (He chuckles as he says it and can barely get the word out.) Tim says, "Well that's just on the cusp."  Then Ven says, "My client really doesn't have a shape, she's definitely not fashion-forward, she doesn't have any sense of style whatsoever."

In a solo interview, Fabio says, "Ven's client is beautiful and curvy.  Obviously this is a challenge about real women.  She came down here hoping to get special treatment, and she's stuck with a designer that's not going to give her what she wants.

Then Ven tells Tim that Terri's before picture is "definitely a nightmare."  WHAT?!?!?!?  And then he takes a dig at her age.  She's 40.  For crying out loud.

Elena, who I don't really care for, says to the camera, "I kind of lost respect for him."  And with that, she gained some of my respect.

Wow...what a tool.

Update 2:  It got worse.  Ven kept hemming and hawing because the accessories he wanted to use with his outfit didn't fit.  He kept says, "Oh that would look good, but it's too small."  "This style is good for you because it's slimming."  "Oh, that's too small."  Terri finally said, "Can you stop saying that?"  She was visibly upset and she cried and told her friend that she was disappointed in the experience.  Ven was unphased.  Wow.

Update 3: Okay, this is it. I promise. I found a video that summarizes it all. Ven's not exactly Mr. Personality himself, nor is he Mr. Svelte. You'd think he'd be a little more sensitive.


Debbie said...

Me no likey Ven! What an a**! So how did it end? I'm assuming he made it through. Well I hope he gets voted off soon. And he owes Terri a serious apology!

Valerie said...

He wound up in the bottom 2, but wasn't voted off. He just apologized on Twitter a little while ago with, "Editing of episode was horrible..but I am sending my sincere apologies to everyone"

Someone responded: "@Venbudhu an apology should not contain the word "but." that little word makes it an excuse, not an apology. man up and admit you blew it"

the Twitterverse is not happy with him at all.

Valerie said...

Also, Gunnar was in the top 3!

melissa green said...

Wow! This episode looks like something I’ll have to see for myself to believe! You’re not the only one that is completely outraged by his behavior, so it must’ve been terrible! I heard a few ladies around my office at Dish talking about this episode, and they sounded just as shocked as you were. I’m not usually a big Project Runway fan, but I just have to see what the Ven guy is really like! I know my roommate records all the episodes, so I’ll have to watch it ASAP. It’s lucky for me that we have the Hopper DVR, with so much recording space that we never have to delete a thing, or else I would’ve missed what’s turning out to be the most talked about episode of the series!

Valerie said...

Melissa, if you get a chance to see it, stop back and let me know what you thought. I'm not familiar with the Hopper DVR, but I got the new Tivo Premiere which records up to 300 hours HD. I love it!