Viggle, Viggle, Viggle, Viggle--Yeah!

A friend was in town recently, and she told me about an app called "Viggle."  Basically, you earn points and rewards for watching TV.   With all the TV I watch, why shouldn't I try to get some free Starbucks or iTunes cards for my efforts?

The app is simple to use.  You click "Check in" -- it records the sound from the TV and identifies what you're watching, and when the show is over (or you check in to something else), the points are credited to your account.  It works for shows that have been DVR'd and you essentially get 1 point for each minute watched.  Shows that are being specially advertised will add an extra bonus.  For example, tonight you can get an extra 300 points for checking in to the MTV Movie Awards (which I won't be doing), or 150 points for Drop Dead Diva, which I will be doing.  (I'm so glad that show is back!)  (Note:  the app is for iPhone, and I use this on my iPod touch.  It's my understanding that it's in beta for Android.)

So simple.  I'm watching TV anyway, so why the hell not?

The whole thing makes me wanna dance.


Kerri said...

omg, our dream is coming true! getting payment of some sort for watching TV!!!

Valerie said...

I know, right! now I need to find a similar deal for going to the movies. :o)