Summer TV makes me feel fine...

....blowin' through the jasmine in my miiiiii-iiinddd....

Wait. What? Oh, I got distracted. That song popped into my head out of nowhere, and now as I think about it, what the hell is the "jasmine in my mind"? What does that even mean? I digress. I came online to talk about Summer TV. Just a few points:

  • I'm loving the new format for So You Think You Can Dance. It's only on once a week, and there will be two winners: a girl and a guy. I've always felt that's how they should do it, and now that they're at their 200th episode, they're finally doing it. I also like that they combined the announcement of the Top 20, and the introductory dances into one show. The show has become very efficient. Hopefully Nigel will apply some of the same methodology to Idol.
  • Dallas. OMG. I can't say I was a huge fan when this show was on before--I was too young to pay attention. My mom watched it though, so I was familiar with it. Well, after 3 episodes, I'm totally drawn in. At least once every show, I actually guffaw out loud at something J.R. does. It's hilarious.
  • True Blood. I'm anxious for Eric & Bill to get back to town--I don't like the separate story line they have going on, but I LOVE Chris Meloni on there. I've been a big fan of his since Oz.
  • Duets. I wasn't sure about this show at first, because the rules and show structure weren't really that clear, and I didn't know if they'd always be singing the stars' own songs (they only did that on the first show). There's some really good talent on the show. To wit:

  • Really looking forward to the new season of Louie, which starts Thursday. I love Louis C.K.
  • I watched the pilot episode of Newsroom and so far, so good.
  • Can't wait for The Closer. Political Animals looks good too.
Pretty good lineup this summer. I'm enjoying it and the jasmine in my mind is just fine.

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Kerri said...

Love Summer Breeze!
Hey, I got another show to throw in the bunch that just started up:
Final Witness. True crime documentary styled and scripted, as it's retold by the victim. I really liked the first one that aired this past week.

I watched only the first hour of Dallas, but have others recorded. Looks like a good series! I'm like you, I was too young for the first one to care, but of course I remember the hoopla surrounding "Who Shot JR". A bunch of this new show is filmed at SouthSide On Lamar, which is where Opening Bell Coffee is- The place I host the Songwritings thing on Monday nights. So that's pretty cool. Plus lots of familiar things come up, since I live in Dallas.