Who are the final four?

Idol elimination night.  Cold Play & Carrie Underwood will perform.  I'm thinking Phillip might be in trouble this evening, but we shall see.

No group song, and Ryan jumps right to some results.  He calls up Joshua.  Jimmy says Joshua's performance will be hard to be.  "To Love Somebody" is the best performance on Idol this year, according to Jimmy.  He says that he deserves greatness and his production company will do everything they can "not to drop this ball."  Ryan tells us that Joshua is.........................................................safe.  (Yes, the dramatic pause was that long.)

Ryan next calls up Hollie and Phillip.  If one has to be in the bottom, it should be PP.

Jimmy said Hollie pulled off River Deep, Mountain High as an homage, rather than her trying to "take on" Tina Turner.  He liked Bleeding Love, but didn't love it.  He said it was competent.

 Ugh...in the replays of PP's performances, I cringed...especially on Time of the Season.  He was terrible last night.  Jimmy said he should be commended for performing each week despite his health issues, but this week he did two really bland songs.  Jimmy says he should be in the bottom 2. 

Hollie is in the Bottom 2.  Really America?!?!?!  Dammit.  She had her best night ever and Phillip was terrible.  Too many tween girls voting.  I put in  some votes last night for Hollie, Josh and Jessica...guess they weren't enough.

Skylar and Jessica are next.  About Skylar, Jimmy says she's a fighter and she did well on Fortunate Son.  He didn't agree with Jennifer that it was a performance that could win the entire thing.  It didn't have the darkness that Dusty Springfield had.  It wasn't his favorite of Skylar's, but he doesn't deserve to go home over it.

As for Jessica, Jimmy said Jessica singing You Are So Beautiful was just that...beautiful.  He said it was magnificent.  He said she's technically the best singer in the competition, but her doing Proud Mary was a travesty.  He said "she took on Tina Turner, added Beyoncé, and her dress was too mature for her."  He thinks people at home might've been uncomfortable.  At rehearsal, he should've backed Steven on talking her out of Proud Mary.  He said the stylists are torpedoing Jessica.  It was too mature, too racy. 

Whew.  Jessica is safe.

I'm afraid Hollie's going home.  Especially if the country music folks got their vote on.  I hope not though.

Oh, now I see why there was no group performance--Coldplay performed twice.  Whatevs.

Okay, back to the results.  After nearly 60 million votes, Skylar. Wow.  I'm surprised, but not upset.  My friend Amy is going to be thrilled.  She hasn't liked Skylar all along.  I got kind of teary during her show recap...especially when she was mouthing the words to the goodbye song. 

She sang us out with one of her rock-y country tunes.  No tears for her...she did really well.

So, who will be the top 3????  Such suspense.  Can't wait til next week.

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