The Voice finals

It's time for The Voice finals.  Jermaine Paul (Team Blake), Tony Lucca (Team Adam), Chris Mann (Team Christina), and Juliet Simms (Team CeeLo), will be performing to win tonight. The coaches' work is done and tonight America will make the decision.

Each team will face off against each other, and later, each artist will join their contestant for  duet.

First up is Jermaine who sings the hell out of "I Believe I Can Fly" by R. Kelly.  Jermaine's in it to win it!  He even got a standing O from the judges.  They all loved it.  And he looked so handsome in his white tux jacket with the open bowtie.  Why is that look so sexy?  I love it.

Carson tells us the judges don't know this, but the contestants will also be singing one of their coaches songs as a thank you for this season.  Juliet is up first with Gnarls Barkley's "Crazy."  She's brunette this week--I love it.  (CeeLo mentioned earlier that she's a bit under the weather...you can hear it a little bit, but she still sounds great.) 

Next will be a duet with Christina and Chris.  They're singing "The Prayer" by Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli.  Great song choice.  It was lovely and they sounded wonderful together.  This is the best Chris has done.  It's his "wheelhouse," as they say. Xtina's eyes are lined with rhinestones or something.  Kind of distracting.

Tony is next with his solo performance.  He's doing "99 Problems" by Jay-Z.  Say wha?  He puts a bit of a bluegrass twist on it.  Interesting.  I like it.  Probably because there's a guy with an upright bass on stage.  I loved it!!!  That was awesome!  Blake said it was a really cool version of that song.  Xtina is in rare form tonight and slammed him with back handed compliments as usual.  First of all...she's very casual, holding her coffee cup.  She says, "I thought you sounded great.  I mean, you have a really cool voice.  Tonight, you came here....your beatuiful wife, and your daughter and family are here.  I just thought the lyrical connotation was a little derogatory towards women, but you know all in all, it was good fun."  CeeLo thought it was "hard."  He liked it.  Adam said the "A 'mmm' ain't one" is "life getting at you, things bringing you down.  We're not referring to women...it refers to everything."  Xtina interrupts and says "the lyric says, 'If you're having girl problems."  Adam snapped back, "It's called a metaphor."  She then says, "If that's how you have to get points....."  Then Adam stood up and said, "I just want to say I love you, Christina."  He took of his jacket and he's wearing a Team Xtina t-shirt.  That shut her up.

Chris comes with his tribute to Christina with "The Voice Within."   I'm not familiar with this song.  Chris makes it sound like a Josh Groban song.   He does a good job...I don't love it though.  Christina got up and gave hi a hug.  She loves bringing herself up on stage.  She says, "This is a real man.  A real man.  You respect women!"  WHATEVER, Christina.  STFU.  It's over.  Let it drop.

Juliet's performance with CeeLo is "Born to Be Wild," by Steppenwolf.  I don't like this as much as the first duet.  First because I don't love the song in the first place, and second because Juliet & C seemed to be overpowered by the music...it was difficult to hear them.

Tony's back again with his duet with Adam.  They're doing The Beatles' "Yesterday."  Adam wants to show off Tony's musician-ship.  They harmonize so well together.  I love it. 

Jermaine is back to sing his tribute to Blake, "God Gave Me You."  Aw...that's a sweet sentiment. 

Chris is back once again with "You Raise Me Up" by Josh Groban.  There's a lady performing the song in sign language. And a teen choir comes out toward the end.  Christina's crying.  It was a nice performance, but thanks to Xtina's attitude, I'm unfortunately, over her contestant.  (Well, I haven't really been a fan of his this whole season, but admit he's done well tonight.  I just won't be voting for him.)

Jermaine and Blake are doing "Soul Man" for their duet.  It was cute--Jermaine was coaching Blake in the session.   I love this performance!  Blake's got some soul!  That was fun!

Tony is back with his tribute to Adam, "Harder to Breathe."  Uh-oh...in the middle of the song, he forgot some lyrics.  That's okay though--he still sounds great and I've never tired of this song.  Tony takes a minute to thank Adam, and then he thanks all four judges and Christina is on her f-in' BLACKBERRY.  WTF?!  How rude can she be?!?!?!? 

If Chris loses, it's more on his coach than anything to do with his performances. I'm voting against Christina, and I'm sure I won't be the only one.

Juliet is up with her solo, "Freebird" by Lynyrd Skynyrd.  It started off kind of iffy, but then she got into it.  She's so interesting.  The judges gave a standing O.  Adam says, "I have no grit in my voice.  You have all of it." 

She did a good job, but I think Tony has it tonight. 

My rankings:

  1. Jermaine/Blake
  2. Tony/Adam
  3. Chris/Christina
  4. Juliet/CeeLo

  1.  Tony
  2.  Jermaine
  3.  Juliet
  4. Chris

  1. Tony 
  2. Jermaine
  3. Juliet
  4. Chris

We'll see tomorrow.

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