The Voice eliminations - down to the final 4

Tonight we learn the finalists for this season of The Voice.

As a reminder, America's votes combined with the judges scores will determine who moves on to the finals.

Last years' finalist Dia Frampton performs, "Don't Kick the Chair" with Kid Cudi, who looks like he could be part of the Wayans family.    Dia has the same type of voice that Mathai has, but in Dia it doesn't bother me, for some reason.  Maybe because she doesn't put on a fake accent.  Cute song.  In an interview with Christina Milan I can see she's come out of her shell a bit.

Time for the results for Team Christina.  She split her 100 points evenly between Chris Mann and Lindsey Pavao.  As I mentioned last night, I would have given the edge to Lindsey.  She punked out and left it to America.  After adding America's score (Chris, 54; Lindsey 46) Chris has 104 points, Lindsey has 96.  Chris moves on to the finals.

Next, CeeLo and his season-one finalist, Vicci Martinez perform her song "Come Along."  I like her and I like the song.  She and CeeLo sound good together.

And now, results from Adam's team, Katrina Parker and Tony Lucca.   He gave 40 points to Katrina, 60 to Tony.  He thinks he and Tony have a better vibe to work together to win this thing.  So what happens if she wins anyway? With America's score (Katrina, 52; Tony 48), Katrina ends up with 92, Tony with 108.  Tony moves on.  Adam must have seen that coming because without his huge advantage to Tony, Katrina would've won.  Christina's probably pissed, which makes this a little exciting.

The next performance is Beverly McClellan from last season, along with Cyndi Lauper singing "Money Changes Everything."  They harmonize nicely together.  I loved Beverly last season.  Good to see her back again.

Last year's winner, Javier Colon sings his new single, "A Drop in the Ocean."  Nice.

Erin Willett and Jermaine Paul await their results. Blake might split the votes on this one.  He has a connection with Erin, but said last night that Jermaine is the one to beat.  I was right.  He said they've done everything they can, he's done everything he can, it's up to America now.  (By the way, WHO is styling for Erin?!  Why won't they put her in flattering styles.  Her skirt is way too short.)  Anyway, with America's score (Erin, 27; Jermaine, 73), Jermaine moves on with 123 points.  (Erin had 77.  I've got the math going in my head like crazy.)

 Time for Jamar Rogers and Juliet Simms' results.  CeeLo might split this one too.  Or, he'll give the edge to Juliet, which he should based on last night's performance.  I'm right again.  He gave 40 to Jamar, 60 to Juliet.  CeeLo jabbered for quite a while, but I think the bottom line is that Jamar's performance last night didn't translate completely.  After America's scores are added (Jamar, 39; Juliet, 61), Juliet moves forward with 121 points.  Jamar looks stunned, and maybe a little pissed.  Juliet looks stunned too, actually.

So, next week it's down to Chris Mann, Tony Luca, Jermaine Paul, and Juliet Simms.  I'll be happy with Tony, Jermaine or Juliet winning, but I'm really pulling for Juliet.  Let's hear it for the girls!!

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