Idol finale, finally!

I didn't get a chance to post about last night's show.  If you want to know what happened, check out the recaps on wapo.com and ew.com.

As for tonight, the show opens with the 10 cast-offs--all in white-- performing Bruno Mars' "Runaway.'  It's a great and lively performance.  Poor Joshua lost his footing trying to get up from a split.  Almost landed on his face, but managed to maintain.  Oopsie daisy!  There were some dancers on stage who I think were from SYTYCD.  The cameras never got in close enough for me to see their faces, but I'm pretty sure I saw Ade and Brandon.

Now we've got an hour and 45 minutes to kill before we get the results.

Phillip sings "Have You Ever Seen the Rain" with CCR's John Fogerty.  Great performance.  This song came out the year I was born.  And, did you know that John Fogerty was named on Rolling Stone magazine's list of 100 Greatest Guitarists at #40 AND the list of 100 Greatest Singers at #72?  Me either.  PP and JF also sing "Bad Moon Rising."

Next, some unseen moments from the auditions.

Next up is  Joshua with Elton John's "Take Me to the Pilot."  He sings a few bars, and then introduces Fantasia who comes out with a weave down to her butt.  Another great performance, bringing the gospel.

Now a Jimmy gag reel, where he continues to confuse the names Jessica & Jennifer.  He says that Jessica is his daughter.  At one point he was talking about Josh and he said "Joshica."  That was pretty funny.

Erika, Elise, Skylar, Hollie, and Shannon (? the tall one) sing a medley of Chaka Khan tunes, "Ain't Nobody," "Through the Fire," and "I'm Every Woman."  Shannon actually sounds better tonight than she did when she was on before.  Maybe it was nerves.  When they move into "I'm Every Woman," --oh there's Jessica.  And then out comes Chaka, and sure enough, Ade is at her arm, helping her down the stairs.  HOLY CRAP...she looks GOOD!!!!!!  Jill Lynch was singing along in the audience.  Randy's gettin' his groove on.  Chaka was great!

Some filler about Jess & Phil's mentors, who each received a new Ford.

Then Rhianna performs.  This I don't enjoy, so fast forward.

Skylar performs "Turn on the Radio," by her idol Reba McEntire.  And out comes Reba!  I like her.  These two really do look a lot alike.

Filler:  The world of Steven Tyler.

Jessica then sings Whitney's "I Will Always Love You."  I'm hit with sadness that Whitney can't come out and join her.

The guys (Colton, Deandre and his hair, Jeremy, Joshua, and HeeJun(!)) do a Neil Diamond melody:  "America," "Cracklin' Rosie," "Believer,"  I bet you're wondering if Neil Diamond will be on stage.  OF COURSE he was.  He came out for "Sweet Caroline."  Neil looks good.  What is he?  70 something?

Filler:  a reel of Randy telling just about everyone that they can sing the phone book.  The 10 cast off's then proceed to sing the phone book.  That was cute.

Jennifer Lopez comes out to sing "Goin' In" from Step Up:  Revolution (July 27) with Flo Rida and "Follow the Leader"  with Wisin & Yandel.   I'm sure we'll be hearing this song in my Zumba class soon. 

We've got about 26 minutes to go folks....

Filler:  Ace Young & Diana DeGarmo are in the audience.  Ryan says they're the first Idol couple.  I didnt know they were together.  Ryan brings them up on stage and mentions that they've recently moved in together.   Ace says he wants to ask a simple question.  Is he going to propose??  He actually says, "With the help of David Webb jewelry...."  He does an ad spot for a jewelry store in the middle of his proposal?!  WTF?!  But, yes, he did propose....and she said yes!  Awww....

Hollie performs "Never Walk Alone" from Rodgers & Hammerstein's Carousel.  She sings with Jordin Sparks, and at first, Jordin was kind of shaky and Hollie out sang her, but then they both finished strongly.

Ryan mentions the passing of Robin Gibb.  The guys "honor his spirit" with a BeeGees medley of "How Deep Is Your Love,"  "How Can You Mend a Broken Heart," "To Love Somebody,"  Unfortunately, the guys' harmonies were way off.  Josh took the lead on "To Love Somebody" and it's so clear that he's the most talented one in the group.

Jessica and Jennifer Holliday perform "And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going."  AMAZING.  Not just goosebumps, but tears over here.  Wow!!   Jess should've done this song last night to win votes.

Next up are Aerosmith!  Ryan said he's been waiting two years to introduce them.  They sing they're new song "Legendary Child."  Pretty good for a bunch of old men!  They then do "Walk This Way." Wouldn't it be awesome if Run DMC came out?

We must be getting close to the end because here are Jessica and Phillip doing "Love Lift Us Up Where We Belong."  Very nice.

Okay people.  And now we're getting down to the nitty gritty*.  

Ryan asks for the results envelope.  Phillips says a few words of thanks.  As does Jessica.  I

The lights are dimmed.  After 132 million votes, the winner of American Idol Season 11 is.......


Yeah, kind of anticlimatic.

In more exciting news, I won my pool!

Phillip sings us out with his new song "Home."  Aww...he ends in tears and can't finish.  Aww.  It's good that *this* is the song we'll be hearing on the radio rather than the song Jessica would've had to release if she won.  PP gets to a point where it seems he just can't take any more emotion, and he goes down into the audience to hug his family.  Sweet moment.  Quite possibly the best ending I've seen.  I'm happy for him.

Until next year folks.  Maybe.  I don't know if I'll continue blogging this each week.  It wears me out.  We'll see how I feel.  Stay tuned...

Looking forward to So You Think You Can Dance though!!

*And now for a total non sequitur.  "And now we're getting down to the nitty gritty" comes from Whodin's "Five Minutes of Funk."  Anytime I use the words "nitty gritty" (which isn't that often), I hear them in my head this way.  (It's around 3:10.)

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