A blogging trifecta! Idol elimination night

This is my 3rd post of the day.  That has to be a record.  Only 3 more episodes of Idol left.  Tonight we'll learn who the Top 2 are.  Since I often fast forward through the endless banter on the show, I missed Ryan's announcement last night that next week's shows will be Tuesday and Wednesday instead of Weds/Thurs.  This puts a cramp in my schedule because I have plans Tuesday, but I'll make it work.

On to tonight's proceedings.  Performing tonight are Adam Lambert (yay!) and Lisa Marie Presley (eh).  The kids do a group performance of The Beatles' "Got to Get You Into My Life," except they really do Earth, Wind & Fire's version of it with the huge blaring horn section.  They sound great tonight and do a good job with it.  They actually got PP to wear a white shirt.  Amazing.

Josh is brought up to hear Jimmy's reaction to last night.  Jimmy gave "I'd Rather Go Blind" an 8/10 and would not have given it a standing O.  For "Imagine," he said that J. is the most exciting showman in the competition, but he overcompensated with riffs and runs instead of sticking with the simple melody.  Jimmy said it didn't work.  For "No More Drama," Jimmy's choice, he said something was missing, and that it was his fault for choosing a song without enough melody, and Jimmy takes 100% responsibility for it.

I watched the first 20 seconds of Lisa Marie Presley's performance, and I'll stick with my original "eh."

Jessica is up next to hear Jimmy's comments.  I must point out that Jimmy agreed with me about Jessica's first song, "My All."  The judges raved over it.  IMO, it wasn't good.  Jimmy disagreed with Steven that it could win the competition.  For Aerosmith's song, Jimmy said he's looking for more.  For his choice, "I'll Be There," he again admitted a mistake in choosing this song because she had to be two different people to pull it off (she was singing Jermaine and Michael's parts).  BUT, he thinks she has enough talent to sing on the Grammys.

They paid a quick tribute to Donna Summer who, sadly, lost her battle to cancer today.  Ryan introduced Rita Wilson,  Carol Bayer Sager, and Jimmy Iovine in the audience.  Rita said that her music defined a decade.  Carol was friends with Donna and said she had one of the greatest voices of all decades.  Jimmy said that everyone in the dance music business today owes something to Donna Summer.

Adam Lambert is here to perform "Never Close Our Eyes."  Adam!  He's wearing neon yellow earring studs, T-shirt, and nail polish.  I still love me some Adam!  

PP comes up to hear his Jimmy comments.  About "Beggin'," Jimmy said Phillip did a great job.  His sound is becoming more original and less derivative of other artists.  For "Disease," which the judges panned, Jimmy said he likes the PP is willing to risk everything and do what he wants, but he agreed with the judges and said it was a snooze-fest.  About "We've Got Tonight," Jimmy's choice, he agreed with Randy that it was his best performance of the competition and of the night.  Jimmy said he was flawless. 

Time for results.

Ryan says that after 90 million votes, the first person to compete in the finale is.....Jessica!!  Gotta admit that I'm surprised, but pleased--I have her to win on my pool.

Going against Jessica is.........Phillip.  That doesn't surprise me.  I knew it would be Phillip and....

Josh will be just fine.  Jimmy's already talked about working with Josh in the future.  I look forward to seeing what they come up with.  He sings us out with "It's a Man's Man's Man's World" -- a replay of his best performance from last week.   Aw...he brought his mom up on stage with him.  Awesome final performance.

On to next week!

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