The Voice - Semifinals

The best news about tonight's show is that next week is the finals.  It seems like this season has lasted forever.

Tonight each coach is down to their final two singers.  All 8 contestants will sing.  The judges will give scores.  America will vote, and then the combo of scores plus votes will determine the finalists.  Something like that.

I wish both Juliet & Jamar from CeeLo's team could both go forward and that we could send home both of Christina's team members (Chris Mann and Lindsey Pavao).  At least, that's how I feel now before the show starts.  Maybe I'll feel differently when it's over.  (Incidentally, Christina is wearing a tiara tonight and lots of fake blonde curls.  Why?  I dunno.)

CeeLo has a picture of his cat on his shirt.  And he's still clearing his throat.  He really should get that checked out.

So, first up to sing is Tony Lucca from Adam's team.  
He's singing "How You Like Me Now" by The Heavy.  Tony went and got all sexy for this performance.  He started off all sultry and everything.  Nice.  I love this performance!  Blake said it was "bad ass."  Xtina credited herself with clearing that song for her boy Moses who got voted off a while ago.  She said "nice job" but the Britney thing really worked for you.  She's the queen of backhanded compliments.  C said he became a fan tonight.  Adam said it was the perfect thing at the perfect moment.

My hometown girl Erin Willett is singing "Without You" by David Guetta f. Usher.  She starts off-key and maybe too low, but then she gets into it and sounds good.  There were some other pitchy moments, I'm sad to say.  This wasn't my favorite of hers.  She was upset at the end--got emotional.  Xtina says she has a beautiful voice and gave kudos for the original arrangement.  C enjoyed it.  Her coach, Blake, tells her her singing in unbelievable, and says he'd give anything to have the strength she has, because he knows what the song means to her--it means the same to him.  (Sadly, they both lost their fathers recently.)

Team Christina's Chris Mann is next, he's singing "Ave Maria."  I know the judges told him they wanted to hear him do something operatic, so here we go.  I'm sure it will be lovely, but it seems out of place on this show.  I was right, it was lovely, though it seemed the piano overpowered him in the middle.   I didn't get chills...it didn't get to that level, but he did a good job.  C said he epitomizes this show.  Adam said he lent to the show's credibility.  Xtina said she felt the heavens open up, and she felt so moved.  Then she got on stage to give him a hug.

Jamar Rogers from CeeLo's team is singing "If You Don't Know Me By Now."  Jamar said he doesn't want it to sound anything like the original and he wants to show America the kind of music he'll do.  Cee said at first it sounded peculiar, but then he thought it was so original and fresh.  He added some electronica, which I didn't really care for, but he sounded good.  Adam said, "forget about the competition for a moment, but I'm just a fan of what you do."  Blake said he sounded really good.  Xtina loved it and wanted to sing with him.  I missed what CeeLo said, but I'm sure it was positive.

Team Adam and Team CeeLo team up to sing...something--I don't recognize it.  Help Me Out, maybe.  Oh no, I found it. It's "All These Things I've Done" by The Killers.  They sound good together.

Jermaine Paul is next with "Open Arms" by Journey.  Blake wanted him to be able to hit a note and let it ring out for a little while.  That's a good looking man right there.  And he sounds awesome too.  Christina said he killed it.  C said he did a wonderful job and he's consistently impressed.  Adam said, congratulations..."you are no longer a background singer, my friend."  Blake said each time he gets on stage, he separates himself from the rest of the pack and he's peaking at the right time.

Team Adam's Katrina Parker is doing The Fugee's version of "Killing Me Softly."  Adam tells her in rehearsals that Lauren Hill would be proud of Katrina.  She did a great job!  I loved it.  Blake said her voice has a seasoned quality that usually comes after thousands of shows.  He loves the tone too.  Xtina said, "I've truly fallen in love with you over the course of the competition."  She also encouraged Adam to give the edge in his scoring to Katrina over Tony.  CeeLo gave kudos to Roberta Flack in addition to Lauren Hill for that great song.  Adam said he was beyond happy with her performance, and said that before there was Adele or Amy Winehouse (R.I.P.), there was Lauren Hill.

Next is a performance from Blake Shelton.  I love Blake.

Team Xtina's Lindsey Pavao is up next.  She's singing "Skinny Love" by Bon Iver.  She did a good job.  If I were Xtina, I'd give the edge to Lindsey over Chris.  CeeLo said he doesn't know about skinny love--he's more into big love. Okay CeeLo...TMI.  He thought she did a great job.  Adam appreciates that all 8 contestants are so unique.  He said she did an incredible job, and he loves the show.  Blake said it was really good and refreshing.  She couldn't leave Lindsey w/o a hug.

Teams Blake & Xtina team up to sing Gaga's "Edge of Glory."  Blake's team carried the group performance.  It's just not in Chris or Lindsey's wheelhouse, as they say.

Last up is Juliet Simms from CeeLo's team.  She's doing James Brown's "It's a Man's Man's Man's World.  Get ready for Christina talking about when she sings this song.  Juliet says she's always wanted to be Mick Jagger and Steven Tyler.  The song explains her experience in this business which is saturated by men.  See, she gave me chills.  She was on it tonight.  Way to end the show!  Huge applause from the crowd.  Adam said it was something special, unbelievable.  He says she's the one to beat.  Xtina says, "You take me back to a time and place when I did the same song at the Grammys."  (See?  Told you.)  Xtina said "I sing for me, and that's what you do too."  CeeLo said "You killed it.  You murdered it!" 

The judges have 100 points to divide among their teammates as they see fit.  Here's what I'd do:

Team Adam:  Tony-45, Katrina-55
Team Blake:  Erin-45, Jermaine-55
Team Xtina:  Chris-40, Lindsey-60
Team CeeLo: Jamar-40, Juliet-60

I downloaded Tony, Katrina, Jermaine, and Juliet's songs from iTunes. 

We're almost there, folks.

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