The Voice - quarterfinals.

Tonight we get to see Team Blake and Team Christina's contestants perform.  There are four artists left on each team.

Carson tells us there's a "shocking" twist tonight.  After the artists perform, Blake & Xtina must eliminate one person from their respective teams.  These folks will go home tonight.  Blake says that if he could kick whomever is responsible for this twist he would.

Blake & Xtina will also perform with their teams and Maroon 5 will perform their new single.  Yay M5!

RaeLynn is up first from Blake's team.  I haven't cared for her up to this point.  We'll see what happens tonight.  She says she hopes that people who don't listen to country music like it.  She's singing "She's Country."  Well, she did better tonight than previous weeks.  I still don't love her though.  Xtina said she's a fan, and RaeLynn made her want to sing country.  She said, "you're bad ass!"  CeeLo agreed--said it was the best performance she's done.  Adam said it was amazing.  Blake said it's his proudest moment of the whole competition.

Jesse Campbell from Xtina's team is next.  He's singing Beyonce's "Halo."  Aww...there are pictures of his daughter behind him and he's singing to her.  I'm really moved.  That was sweet, and he sounded great.  CeeLo said it was wonderful.  Adam wasn't feeling the song choice until it kicked in, and then he was like, "oh yeah, this is amazing."  Blake said it was a great performance.  Xtina said he really brought it on an emotional level.

Jordis Unga is next.  Blake chooses "A Little Bit Stronger" by Sara Evans. Blakes thinks it'll give us a chance to hear the singer, not the screamer.  I love her voice.  It wasn't a rousing performance, but she sounded good.  Xtina liked that she showed her vulnerable side.  CeeLo said it was very touching.  Adam said she did an amazing job and that we could see that she was connected with the song.  Blake said she did perfect.

Christina takes her team to a Starbucks in Crenshaw and tells them about her work with United Nations and the World Food Program.  That Starbucks gives money back to the local neighborhood, including youth education at Crenshaw High School.  They visit the CHS Choir lead by Iris Stevenson and invite them to perform on The Voice. 

The come out and first sing what I assume is a Blake Shelton song because he seems thrilled.   Christina then breaks into "Fighter."  Jesse takes the 2nd verse and sounds great.  Chris Mann and Lindsey Pavao were a little weak with that particular song, and we didn't get to hear Ashley De La Rosa doing anything solo, but she keeps up with the choreography.  The choir was in the back--I wish the cameras had focused on them a bit more.

Ashley sings Jewel's "Foolish Games" with a bit of a rock edge to it.  She did a good job but was overtaken by the smoke machine.  Her voice was a little shaky here and there, but I really like her.  CeeLo liked it.  Adam thinks she's the biggest surprise, and she's consistently making him see what great choices she's making.  Blake said the smartest decision on the show so far was Xtina saving her a couple weeks ago.  He congratulated Ashley & Christina.  Christina said she nailed it.

Time for Maroon 5, performing "Payphone" featuring Wiz Khalifa.   I like the new song!

Erin Willett is singing Adele's "Fire to the Rain."  Blake told her that three weeks after her father passed away, he lost his own father, so he had a whole new respect for what she did and how well she performed.  She does a nice job.  I love her voice too.  Christina liked it.  CeeLo thought she did the song justice and that Adele would be proud.  Adam said "I get very Jewish with the fire when it comes down.  I was afraid, I was worried about you.  It scares me.   I don't like that.  I'm glad you're okay.  We're all safe."  Is fear of fire a Jewish thing??  Adam thought the pitch was great, but the phrasing was a little off for him.

Lindsey Pavao is next.    She was going to do a medley of Rihanna's S&M and We Found Love.  Hmmm...those two things certainly go together.  She wasn't connecting with it emotionally, so changed her song to Katy Perry's "Part of Me."  In rehearsals, Xtina said it seemed one-dimensional.  I'll quote Randy from that other show and say, "That was just okay for me, dawg."  She was pitchy.  CeeLo liked it.  Adam said it was great, but mentioned that the pitch got away from her a couple of times.  Xtina gave her props.

Team Blake performs "Heartache Tonight" by the Eagles.  Just like last season, Blake allowed each member of his team to show off their talents while Christina's performance was all about her.  Blake just looks so proud and like he's having a ball.  I love him.

Jermaine Paul is next.  He sounded the best during Team Blake's group song.  Tonight he's doing Phil Collins' "Against All Odds."  I will download this.  He's great.   Christina said she thinks he's a phenomenal singer and said he's her favorite on Blake's team.  Mine too!  CeeLo said Jermaine gave the song a lot of soul.  Adam liked how he did his own thing with it.  He thought he might've over-embellished a little bit when he didn't need to because his tone is so great.  Blake thinks tonight's performance is going to make America realize that Jermaine is a superstar.

Chris Mann, the opera singer, is next.  He's doing Coldplay's "Viva la Vida."  I'll try to get through this...I'm not a fan of the song or the band.  He did okay.  Adam said he'd rather hear him singing opera because he was hoping to be moved.  Christina thought he did a great job stepping out of his comfort zone.

Christina's team is up first to the instant elimination.  I think she should send home either Chris or Lindsey.  She blathers on for a full 2 minutes and said "me" and "I" so many times I lost count.  She said, "I try as a coach to push myself."  What?  Why is she pushing herself??  She finally announces that she's letting go of Jesse.  WHAT?????  What is she thinking?!  He's got the best voice on her team.  Ugh....

Blake's up next.  I think he should send home RaeLynn, but I don't think he will.  He got rid of Jordis because he went back to America's vote from a couple weeks ago.  Ugh.  Another bad decision.

I'm so disappointed in Christina and Blake.

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