The Voice quarter finals

Tonight Teams Adam and CeeLo will be performing.  One person will face immediate elimination tonight, and one more will be eliminated tomorrow.

Carson's trying to interview the judges but they're all laughing at an inside joke.  Rude!

I *think* I heard CeeLo say he has gas.  Must be true--Christina pulled out a fan.  Whatever.

Blake said people were pissed about RaeLynn's departure.  Not anyone I talked to.

Christina tried to give Adam & CeeLo some advice on making the decision for immedite elimination.  She said, "Go with your gut..." but then caught herself when she looked at CeeLo.  Okay, that was pretty funny--now he's got his hand on his stomach.  I'm glad I'm not sitting up there.  Anyway, she said to go with their gut and their heart in making the decision.

Jamar Rogers is up first, singing "It's My Life" by Bon Jovi.  Jamar told CeeLo that his song "Just a Thought" helped pull him through when he was trying to get clean from his drug addiction.  CeeLo found it gratifying that a song he wrote when he was in that space helped someone else.  Jamar says he relates to this song--"I'm gonna live forever."  He didn't think he'd make it to 30 and he just celebrated his 30th birthday. This kid has a great story AND he's so talented.  (Some others have great stories, but their just ok.)  Adam was afraid by the fire last week when Erin sang, now he should be terrified...there's fire all over the place.  Jamar was great.  Adam loved it and said Jamar is best suited on CeeLo's team. (He didn't mention the fire.)  Blake agreed.  Christina loved that he made it his own, and said that even though he's not on her team, he's one of her favorites on the show.  CeeLo told him that all the adoration from the crowd has very little to do with CeeLo.

From Adam's team is Katrina Parker singing "Jar of Hearts" by Christina Perri.  Love this song.  She does a great job with it.  Blake said it was awesome...it's the first time he heard her sound like someone different than anyone else.  Christina agreed.  She talked about all the comparisons to Adele, but she said, "You are Katrina Parker.  Own that."  She thought it was beautiful.  CeeLo said it was like hearing her for the first time.  Adam admitted that in the beginning, she was not one of his favorites on his team, but he said she has evolved so much, and her performance tonight was incredible and flawless.

CeeLo performs with his team next.  Carson's dressed like the 60s and the intro is done in black & white.  They sing "Dancing in the Streets."  And C's wearing a crazy asymmetrical wig.  This is my favorite group-performance-with-the-judge so far.  They all look like they're having a ball and they sound good.  CeeLo let each member showcase themselves. 

Mathai from Adam's team is next.  I'm not looking forward to this--I really don't care for her.  She's singing Nelly Furtado's "I'm Like a Bird."  It's a good song choice because she sounds a lot like Nelly Furtado, but I don't love her performance.  Blake liked it, but he didn't approve of "Captain America" (a trapeze artist that was swinging back and forth).  Xtina didn't think Mathai didn't connect with the song and said it felt force-fed.  I don't know what she means.  Adam said, "that's your opinion."  Adam didn't know about Captain America, and Xtina got on his case for not being involved in all aspects of his teams' performances like she is.  Adam was happy with it.

James Massone is next.  My sister pointed out that with his high voice, he could play Frankie Valli in Jersey Boys.  Tonight he's singing Billy Joel's "Just the Way You Are."  Judging from rehearsal, it's not going to be good.  It was just okay.  They're trying to make him out into this heartthrob and I'm just not seeing it.  Blake said he's been a fan since the beginning, but he's not sure about this performance.  Xtina agreed with Blake and that he already did the lady's girl thing last week, so she was hoping for something different this week.  Adam loved it.  CeeLo enjoyed it.

CeeLo performs again with his group Goodie Mob.  CeeLo's wearing teeth that glow in the dark.  It's like a toned-down Parliament performance.

Adam's team is up again. This time it's Tony Lucca.  Adam says that Xtina's comments last week (about him being one-dimensional) helped him in coaching Tony this week.  He's singing one of his fellow Mouseketeer's songs....Britney's "Baby One More Time."  I like his performance a lot.  Christina suggested bringing Britney & Justin and having a real Mickey Mouse Club reunion.  She said she enjoyed it.  Blake said he's pissed off because that was really smart.  Adam said instead of trying to get away from the Mickey Mouse Club, he instead stared it down.

Cheesa (pronounced Chessa, not Cheese-a) is up next.  She's singing Whitney's "I Have Nothing."  She's good.  She needs to enunciate a little better--a lot of it sounded mumbled--but her voice is good.  And the big note was 98% there.  She certainly sang it with feeling.  Xtina gave her a standing O--surprise, surprise!  Christina loved it and said, "This week, Team CeeLo is where it's at!"  CeeLo said she did a wonderful job.

Pip from Adam's team is next.  He's singing "Somewhere Only We Know."  I really like this song.  Pip is at the piano and right off the bat, this performance is so much better than the last time he performed.  His last few notes were a little iffy, but I think he did a great job.  And, he's got really nice eyes.  No bow tie tonight either...that helped.  Blake thought it was good overall, except for the end.  He says, "Where is the bow tie?!  It's like me without alcohol!"  Adam said a couple moments at the end weren't perfect, and is proud of Pip.

Adam and his team perform "Instant Karma."  Adam's on the drums.  Pip's on the keyboards, and Tony is on guitar.  Pip has his bowtie on for this performance.  Adam didn't sing at all--this was all on his group.  They were good, but CeeLo's performance was better.  IMO, Matai was the weakest link.

The last performer is Juliet Simms.  She lightened her hair this week--I almost didn't recognize her during the group sing.  She's doing Aerosmith's "Cryin'."  Love this song.  She's wearing black wings...interesting.  Her voice is a little crackly tonight.  I wonder if she's got laryngitis.  For some reason, white feathers fall from the sky.  She was really good.  Blake loved it. Xtina said she's fabulous.  CeeLo got creepy calling her his "little electric guitar," his "little red corvette."  Wha?  He said her voice is like leather, built to last.  He thought she did a great job.

If it were up to me, Adam should let go of Mathai, and CeeLo should say buh-bye to James.

CeeLo has to make the decision first.  He reads a prepared speech from his cell phone.  He says if one of the team wins, they all win.  "Red til we're dead."  He tells them "Do not lose contact with me.  Do not stop loving me. Do not stop loving yourself.  This is merely a milestone in a path and journey that will lead you to a destination big enough for everyone to share."  Based on performances tonight, he's letting James go.  Right decision.  C goes on stage and tells James, "I got you.  I got you."  Yeah, C will help him out.

Adam's turn.  He says they're all so different.  And he told them to listen to CeeLo's speech later...same words apply.  And, he lets Pip go.  Ugh.  Another week of Mathai.  Adam probably just thinks she's cute.  (She's very pretty--I grant her that.)

Okay, I put in my votes for Jamar and Juliet from Team CeeLo, and for Katrina and Tony from Adam's team.  We'll see what happens tomorrow.

Update:  I just read this on EW.com's recap, and couldn't agree more:
Say it with me: NO. MORE. MATHAI. You can't fault Adam for choosing Nelly Furtado's "I'm Like a Bird," which was a pretty good song choice for this skinny little thing who looks like she subsists on sunflower seeds and the occasional ladybug. But I cannot handle hearing Mathai sing in that Fake Billie Holiday tone for one more week. No more pronouncing "bird" as "boi-yerd"! No more highly affected, cigarette-holder-puffing, fancy-lady-jazz-singer ad-libs! No more wearing crazy, puffy-sleeved, Miss Universe contestant gowns! And, as Blake said about the aerialist-focused performance, "I coulda done without Captain America swingin' around out there." DITCH HER. Now. Please.

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