The Voice - first elimination night

Carson introduces the judges, and I'm relieved to see CeeLo has given up the wig.

There are a lot of rules tonight.  First we will find out who the Top 3 performers are from each team.  Then, the bottom three get to sing for their lives.  But, the judges only get to pick one to stay, so two people from each team will be leaving tonight.


This is probably for the best.  The show has to end at some point, and if we eliminated one at a time, it seems like the show would be on until Christmas.

Before we get to any results, there's a performance from Gym Class Heroes.  Dude's earlobes are stretched even further than the last time I saw him a few months ago on SNL.  I don't get that trend.  I liked the performance though.

After we see a clip of Team Blake at a country music station, it's time for some results.

The top three contestants on Team Blake were my girl, Erin Willett, Jermaine Paul, and RaeLynn (who I don't really care for).

Naia, Charlotte and Jordis have to perform one more time.  This time, they get to sing a song of their choosing (versus it being the judge's selection, like last night.)

Christina takes her team to The Tonight Show, where they get to perform.

Then, time for results.  The Top 3 on Team Xtina are Jesse Campbell, Lindsey Pavao, and  Chris Mann.

Moses, Ashley De La Rosa and Sara Hill have to sing for their lives.

Naia Kete performs Beyonce's "If I Were a Boy."  It's starts off too low for her...you can barely hear her.  Again, I'm wishing she'd done her reggae thing.  She does better when she gets to the chorus.  Blake said he wished she'd done the reggae thing, and she said she couldn't pick a reggae song--there were only so many songs she could choose from.  That sucks.  Also sucks that Blake talked her out of singing reggae last night.  Maybe she would've been in the top three, instead of the bottom.

Charlotte Sometimes sings "Iris" by the Goo Goo Dolls.  She was doing okay, but sort of lost it at the chorus...she might be singing through tears.  Aw...I feel bad for her.  It wasn't her best performance.

Jordis Unga sings "Wild Horses" by The Rolling Stones.  I'm pulling for her, and based on these three performances, Blake should choose her to stay.

Xtina says she'd save Jordis.  So would CeeLo.  And so would Adam.  I'm glad we're all in agreement.

And Blake saves......Jordis.   Yay!

Xtina's team is up next.

First up is Ashley De La Rosa with "Paris, Ooo la la" by Grace Potter.  I like her MUCH better tonight than last night.  She's great.

Sara Hill does Mariah's "Vision of Love."  Her first notes area shaky.  She did a decent job, but Ashley was more interesting to watch.

Moses Stone performs "Breakeven, Falling to Pieces" by The Script.  It was good to hear him singing, rather than rapping.  He took Adam's advice from last night.  He was a little pitchy here and there.  I'd still go with Ashley, even though I like Moses, and he's representing Maryland.

Carson polls the judges.  CeeLo would save Sara.  Adam would save Ashley "absolutely."  Blake would save Ashley "for sure."  Christina chooses....Ashley.  Yay!

I like this elimination night so much better than Idol's.  No dragged out suspense, or only a couple of filler moments.  The hour just zipped along, and I didn't really have to fast forward through anything.  It's nice.

Next week we'll see Team Adam and Team CeeLo.

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