The Voice elimination - CeeLo v. Adam

After the recap of last night's events, Carson tells us that Juliet Simms and Tony Lucca reached #1 and #2 on the iTunes rock chart.

Jessie J performs "Domino."  I like Jessie J.   Xtina's team comes out to accompany JJ, but they don't really add much.

Carson next tells us the top 3 artists from each team.

From Team Adam, it should be Katrina, Kim and Tony or Pip. (In my opinion.)   But no, in real life, it's Mathai, Tony and Pip.

Katrina, Kim and Karla (K-K-K?!) have to sing a "last chance performance."

On Team CeeLo, the top 3 should be Juliet, Jamar and Tony. Again, my opinion.  In real life, the top 3 are:  Juliet, Jamar, and James (hey, it's J-J-J!).

Tony, Cheesa, and Erin have to sing to save themselves.  I definitely want Erin to go home, but I'm torn between Tony & Cheesa.  I'll have to see after their performances.

Kim comes out to sing "Spotlight" by Jennifer Hudson.  She did an okay job, but again, didn't wow me.

Karla sings "I Can't Make You Love Me" by Bonnie Raitt.  This performance is better than last night, but I don't really care for her voice.  Adam looks happy when it's over.

Katrina sings No Doubt's "Don't Speak."  I like how Adam listens with his eyes closed.  I do the same thing.

Based on these three performances, I'd keep Katrina, even though she had some pitchy moments.  I think she has the most potential though.  Blake felt the urgency from Karla and Katrina, and says he'd go with Katrina.  Xtina also goes with Katrina.  CeeLo also goes with Katrina.  I'm glad they all agree with me!  Adam saves Katrina.  Good call!

Tony Vincent sings "Sweet Dreams" by The Eurythmics.  He was kind of scary because he didn't blink during the whole first verse.  Reminded me of Marilyn Manson's version, though it wasn't that scary.  (Seriously, that video gave me nightmares!)  I'm intrigued by Tony, but not sure his voice is the best.

Cheesa sings "All By Myself" (and now I know I'm going to have to watch Bridget Jones in the near future.  Every time I hear this song it reminds me of this).  Cheesa showed off her big voice in this song...good job!  CeeLo looks conflicted, and maybe had tears in his eyes.

Erin Martin sings Elton John's "Your Song."  Ick.  She's a mess.  Her voice is all over the place.  And I hate the accent she adopts while sings.   Terrible.

Out of this group, based on these performances, Cheesa should be the one to stay.  Adam asked why it took all three to take this long to sing like it was their last chance.  He said they all did an amazing job--I'll have to disagree with him there.  Erin did not do her best.  He said they did a great job, but it came a little late.  He'd pick Cheesa though.  Blake agreed.  He said Cheesa knocked it out of the park, but he really liked Tony.  Christina said "Tony...that's your name right?  Tony..." WTF?  Why is she so bitchy all the time?  Anyway, she would choose Cheesa.  CeeLo said his mind says Tony, but his heart says Cheesa.  He saves Cheesa.

Next week will be the quarterfinals.  Until then...

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