The Voice Adam/CeeLo elimination

The night starts with all the contestants on stage.  Carson introduces the judges, reminisces about last night, and says that Florence & the Machine will perform later.

After clips from last night, F&tM perform.  CeeLo's team is on stage too, but it's barely noticeable.  I don't know why they bother with that.

So, I called in last night for Jamar, Katrina, Tony and Juliet.  Let's see if my votes worked.
More recaps from last night.  Tony Lucca is saved from Adam's team. Later Katrina and Mathai will perform for their last chance.  PLEASE Adam--let Mathai go.

From CeeLo's team, Jamar is saved.  Juliet and Cheesa will have to perform.  I hope that Juliet does well because I want her to go through.

Mathai goes first.  She's singing "Cowboy Cassanova."  Ugh.  Can't stand her fake singing accent one more second. Blake said "it's hard not to love Mathai because she's so cute."  And there's the crux of the matter.  I'm convinced that's why Adam has kept her this long.  Christina and CeeLo liked it.

Katrina sings "Perfect."  And she's awesome.  Adam, please keep her.  Blake said that even though Tony got the vote from America, Katrina is the best singer on Adam's team.  Xtina agreed, and said of everyone on Adam's team, she's most excited to hear original material from Katrina.  C agreed.

Before Adam makes his decision, Carson asks the judges who they would save.  Blake would save Katrina.  Xtina says, "With no doubt, Katrina."  C says it's a split decision....and he goes with Mathai.

Adam blathers on for quite some time, just like Christina does.  He said that Katrina had 'That Moment" last night, and Mathai hasn't really had that yet.  He says it's very difficult for him.  He didn't think Katrina would make it as far as she has, but she knocked him out.  He was waiting for Mathai to explode...he thinks it will happen, regardless of the show, but going forward, he has to save KATRINA.  Yes!

Now it's Cheesa's turn.  She sings "I'm Already Gone."  She does a decent job, but was a little weak in the beginning.  Blake said he heard some flatness in the beginning, but then she was so strong at the end that it "erased all that."  Xtina said she was a tad under pitch the whole song.  Adam agreed too.

Juliet sings "Torn."  She was awesome.  CeeLo has to save her.  Blake pointed out that he was the only one that didn't hit his button during blind auditions, and he wasn't a believer, but he loves her now.  It's a testament to how great and consistent she is.  He gets it now.  Xtina said, "I'm a fan of your voice" but she didn't like the softer portion at the beginning--it wasn't the right place for her voice. She's waiting for another "Roxanne" performance.  She meant this as constructive criticism going forward.

Carson asks who the other judges would save.  Blake said that as a fan, he would pick Juliet.  He can't stand the idea of not seeing her next week.  Xtina would also pick Juliet, hands down.

Now it's C's turn to blather on, but he doesn't go on as long, and he saves Juliet.

My votes worked, the judges made the right decisions.  It was a good night.  Semifinals are on Monday.  Until then....

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