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The live shows of The Voice begin tonight.  Seems like this show has been on FOREVER, so it's about time (okay, so it's been 8 weeks).  There are two local kids performing tonight, so that's kinda cool.  Erin Willett is on Blake's team, and went to my high school (MANY years after I did).  Moses Stone is on Christina Aguilera's team and is from Laurel, MD, which is about 30-40 minutes east of where I live.  I like them both, and hope they do well.

CeeLo tonight:

Why, CeeLo, why?

Jermaine Paul, from Blake's team, is up first.  He's a former backup singer for Alicia Keys.  He's doing Bon Jovi's "Living on a Prayer."  He does a good job.

From Christina's team is Chris Mann, an opera singer.  I think he has a lovely voice, and I don't remember who he battled against, but I remember wishing Christina had picked the other person.  Tonight he's singing "Bridge over Troubled Water," and does a really nice job.  It's a great song.

Team Blake's Raelynn sings Maroon 5's "Wake-up Call" - country style.  I don't love her, but she got great reviews from the judges.  She mumbles her words and was breathy, and for whatever reason, pranced around the stage with a corded microphone.  I was waiting for her to trip over it.

Next up is rapper and local boy, Moses Stone.  He's doing Kanye West's "Stronger."  He's kind of drowned out by the band and does a decent job.  He's not necessarily that strong a rapper, but he's a good entertainer.  Adam told him he has more potential as a singer than a rapper.  I'd agree with that.

Naia Kete from Blake's team is next and is singing Adele's "Turning Tables."  She's got an interesting voice--very much like Corinne Bailey Rae's and a bit like Dia from Blake's team last season.  Blake talked her out of doing a reggae spin on the song, but I would've liked to have heard it.  In this version, she gets a little breathy.  Christina agreed with me about wanting to hear the reggae version. 

Christina's teammate Lindsey Pavao is next.  She's singing "Somebody I Used To Know" by....(don't know...didn't catch it.)  I didn't love her song, but she's pretty good.  Different.

Jordis Unga is performing "Alone" by Heart.  She does a good job.

Sara Hill from Christina's team is next.  She's doing a Mary J. Blige song.  She was good.   Good reviews from the judges.

Now comes the girl I've most been looking forward to: Erin Willett.  So sad that her dad passed away recently.  She's doing Stevie Wonder's "Living for the City."  She starts at the piano and eases into the song.  She's got the best voice tonight.  The performance might've been a little busy with all the backup dancers and theatrics, but she sounded great.  Blake confirmed that it was the best of the night.

Team Christina's Ashley De La Rosa is next.  Her performance is a bit of a mess.  I don't know what she sang, but I didn't care for it.  Adam thought she was the most improved.  Ok.

Charlotte Sometimes is next.  She reminds me of Gaga--kind of looks like her, but brunette.  She's doing a song by Paramore called "Misery Business."  It seems to low for her in the beginning.  She's got a good voice, but again, I don't love the song.  Adam thought it was great, except for some flatness & pitch stuff.

Last up is Jesse Campbell and his ego doing "What a Wonderful World."  He reminds me of an older Cuba Gooding, Jr.  This is one where I wished Christina had chosen the guy that battled with Jesse.  He's talented, but there's something about him that bothers me.  CeeLo loved it.  So did Adam.

Erin was definitely my favorite tonight.  We'll see what happens tomorrow. 

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