Results from The Voice and tips for watching The Biggest Loser

Double header tonight with The Voice & The Biggest Loser.  I'll start with The Voice.

As a reminder, the judges lost their minds last night and got rid of two good singers.  Tonight, the bottom two from each team (based on America's votes) will have to sing to try to save themselves.  Also tonight, The Wanted will perform, and we'll get the premiere of Justin Bieber's new video.

Before the results, I just wanted to share a great quote I read today on EW.com's recap.  Mark Snetiker wrote about RaeLynn (the bold emphasis is mine):
Performing “She’s Country,” RaeLynn was the first to take the stage, and take it she did, balancing a delicate stomp around the stage (her boots were decidedly not made for walking) with hay bale obstacles every which way. After the grown-up Toddlers & Tiaras cowgirl finished her little ditty, Blake proclaimed that he had just experienced his proudest moment as a coach: “You prove to America that country can kick ass.” In my opinion, all that performance proved was that RaeLynn could do with a little less RaeLynn-ness.
 Like I said last night, her performance of "She's Country" was her best this season, but I still have to agree with Mr. Snetiker here.

Okay, onto some results.

Oh, nevermind.  First "The Wanted" performs their new single "Chasing the Sun," joined by Team Blake.  I wonder if the bald dude will try to give Christina a lap dance like he did with JLo on Idol.   These guys need some choreography.  They always look like they're just standing around waiting for their turn to sing.   Where's N'Sync when you need 'em?  Erin, Jermaine and RaeLynn come out toward the end of the song and sing along with the chorus.  With eight people singing, their presence is moot.

Okay, now onto some results:

Carson brings out Team Christina.  First he wants to talk about Christina's decision to get rid of Jesse.  Adam said he's not going to judge what she did, though he would've kept him.  CeeLo said he didn't understand her decision, but respects her decision.  (May I mention that CeeLo might want to see a ear, nose, and throat specialist?  He clears his throat a LOT.)  Anyway, Xtina blathered on again and says she can't be faulted for following her heart.  Once Carson asks her a question, she can't shut up. Yawn.

Tonight, America saves Chris Mann.  Seriously America??

Ashley De La Rosa and Lindsey Pavao get to sing a last-chance performance.

Next comes Team Blake.   America saves Jermaine Paul.  Okay, at least America was thinking correctly on this one.

RaeLynn and Erin Willett will have to sing last-chance performances.

Ashley De La Rosa performs first -- she's doing Lady Gaga's Without You.  She sounds good.  Adam thought this wasn't his favorite performance of hers, but he'd keep her around anyway because she's amazing.  Blake said that Ashley's won him over too, and that he'd go buy Ashley's record over Lindsey's based on what he's seen in previous weeks.

Lindsey Pavao sings "Please Don't Go" by somebody.  I don't know who and couldn't find it .  The way she sings gets on my nerves.  She affects some sort of weird accent that grates on my nerves.  Ad I really didn't care for this song.  She ended in tears.  Sorry about that but I'd definitely go with Ashley here.  CeeLo thought it was good, and then cleared his throat and wished her luck.  Blake says there's something mysterious about her than draws you in.  He said that could work in her favor, but he sticks with what he said before about buying Ashley's record.

Out comes Justin Bieber to introduce his new video, "Boyfriend."  Carson can't get a word in edgewise because the crowd goes wild.  Roaarrrrrrr!!!  Turns out this is the world premiere of a clip of his video.  They showed maybe 60 minutes of it.

Christina is in tears and again can't stop talking.  She has to go with what's in her heart and goes with Lindsey. UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

Next we see a clip of Blake's team.  He took them to one of his shows and challenged them to win over his audience.  They each performed solo, and at the end they dedicated a song to Blake.

Erin Willett is singing "Proud Mary."  She's wearing another unfortunate outfit...I wish they'd get her a sylist.  She sounds good though, and got the crowd going.  Xtina loved it.

RaeLynn does "If I Die Young" by The Band Perry.  I hate it...as soon as she sings the word "song" as "sahwong" I want to fast forward.   I try to hang in there, but end of fast-forwarding...it's like fingernails on a chalkboard.  Adam said he's been a fan of hers, but he would've curbed the inflection and personality in her voice a little bit and that this wasn't his favorite of hers.

I would pick Erin here, which means Blake will probably go with RaeLynn.  Blakes struggles with his decision, and says it's way rougher than he thought it would be.  He saved Erin. THANK GOD.  He said he agreed with Adam that he wishes RaeLynn had done some things differently with her song.

Okay, one good decision tonight, one bad.  (Well, two bad since America saved Chris, but whatever.)

And now, I present...

Tips for Watching The Biggest Loser

  1. Most important:  you must DVR the show.
  2. If you missed anything the previous week, watch the first 5 minutes to see what happened.
  3. Fast-forward to the weigh-ins.  
  4. When they get to the table to vote someone off, fast forward until you see who's voted off.

    NOTE:  If it looks like someone you like might be voted off, or if there might be good drama, go ahead and watch the proceedings.
  5. Watch the last "where are they now" segment, which is always pretty cool to see.
Ta-da.  That's how you watch a 2-hour showin 15-20 minutes.

Some caveats...
  1. If you watch NBC and see commercials for BL that look interesting, go ahead and watch that.  I watch Chris' breakdown and binge last week, and I also watched the mutiny this week when two idiots left the show.  
  2. Watch the Makeover Show when they get to the final 6.  Again, fast forward through the workouts and challenges, and just watch the makeovers and weigh ins.  
  3. Watch the finale, but make sure you record it, so you can fast forward through all the replays of what happened during the season and fluff/filler.


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