A realization

Last week I recorded Good Morning America, so I could see the cast reunions of In Living Color, One Day at a Time, and Laverne & Shirley.  After watching that show, I've come to realize that even though Ann Curry works my last nerve while on The Today Show, I'd much rather watch that than GMA. 

The folks on GMA just don't have the chemistry that the folks on Today do.  And despite Ann's constant flubs, and her talking to world dignitaries as if they were five years old, I still think she's a nice person, and enjoy her ribbing around with Matt and Al, and I love Natalie Morales and Savannah Guthrie. 

Other strikes against GMA:

  • They devoted at least 45 minutes every day to discuss Dancing with the Stars.  Really?!
  • They feature Nancy Grace.  Enough said.
Some pros of GMA are that they have Dan Abrams as their legal consultant (I miss him on NBC), and they put on a good summer concert in Central Park.  I'll have to see who's performing this summer because my sister and I might try to go to one of the concerts.

That's it though.

I'm back to The Today Show.  Good morning, Ann.

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