Idol's Top 6 perform

Queen is performing tonight on Idol.   After original members Roger Taylor and Brian May chat with the cast, they all perform a medley of Queen's music:  "Fat Bottomed Girls," "Another One Bites the Dust," and "We Are the Champions," It was a lot of fun--everyone sounded great.

Jessica is singing "Bohemian Rhapsody."  The performance starts in black & white, and then she rocks it out in color.  She did a great job.  Steven said Freddie Mercury would be proud, although he'd never say rock is her forté.  Jen said the vocal was beautiful but during the rock portion she was looking for more animation on stage.  Randy really liked it and appreciated that she did no runs in that.  He suggested she watch Tina Turner since she was that rock-singing big voice in the female form.

Skylar is singing "The Show Must Go On."  (I'm missing Jimmy.  Where is he?)  She did a great job.  No country twang...really showed off her voice.  Steven said it was over the top and fabulous.  J said it was powerful.  Randy said it was incredible and one of her best performances to date.

Joshua does "Crazy Little Thing Called Love."  Another great performance. This is a good night.  This one got the well-deserved standing O.  Randy said "you are so ready" and said he's a little Wilson Pickett in the making.  JLo said that even though she loves all the performers, Josh's performances are always her favorite part of the show.  Steven said it was fantastic. 

Elise is next with "I Want It All."  I didn't know this was a Queen song.  I only hear it in some TV commercial.  This song suits her--she's awesome.  Steven said she found her stride and he really enjoyed it.  J said "it was you in your element."  Randy said it was unbelievable.  He said it was one of her best.  Elise said that through Idol, she's found her wheelhouse--these rock-y songs.

Phillip sings "Fat Bottomed Girls."  He did a good job, but it wasn't my favorite of his.  Steven and JLo loved it.  Randy liked it, but didn't love it.  He got booed, but I'm with him.

Hollie sings "Save Me."  In chatting with friends on FB, I already have warning that it's not going to be good.  Well, I disagree with my friends.  I thought she did a good job.  Steven liked it.  JLo felt her get emotional with it in the middle, but then it went off a tiny bit.  Jen wants to see her enjoy it more.  Randy thought it was a good performance, but he didn't like that she didn't take more chances with it. 

Jen thinks Skylar won round 1.  Randy thinks Hollie needs to step it.  And while he agreed about Sklyar, he thought Josh & Elise were great too.

Round 2 will feature songs chosen by the contestants.  Will Jimmy be on?

Jessica is first up with "Dance with My Father."  Her dad is being deployed to Singapore soon, so she wanted to dedicate a song to him.  Nope, no Jimmy.  I guess he got the night off.  Instead, there are clips of the other contestants talking about Jessica.  So much for her choosing younger songs. Still, she sounds wonderful.  This isn't a favorite song of mine, but she sang it so beautifully.  Wow...JLo said that Luther Vandross was her favorite singer ever, and this is the best she's ever heard that song sung.  That's such a compliment.  Steven loved it.  Randy said she is truly amazing to him. 

Skylar sings "Tattoos on This Town" and the twang is back in full force.  This is the first time I didn't really care for a Skylar performance.  She didn't enunciate very well and it was all a mumble.  Judges loved it though.  Steven, however, missed her flair. 

Joshua sings "I Am Ready for Love" by India Arie.  He's got a great voice, but I worry this song choice will hurt him since no one is familiar with it.  Just like Jessica the week of her save.  Still, he got another standing O.  Randy said he's speechless, but then babbled on for a few moments.  JLo said it was transcendent.  Steven said he hopes the label finds him a bunch of good songs and "you're off to the moon." 

Elise does Jimi Hendrix.  I don't know the song, and didn't really care for it.  I couldn't understand what she was saying.  Steven told her to pick songs people know.  She thought everyone knew it.  Well, not me.   Jen thought she slayed it.  Randy thought it wasn't the right song for this time in the competition.  He didn't care for it.  I'm with Randy. 

Phillip is singing Dave Matthews.  He's been compared to DM the whole season, so I guess that's fitting.  I don't know this song either.  If anyone knows these songs, let me know.  I wish he'd done "What Would You Say" (my fave DM song.)  First half of the show was better.  It's more fun when you know the songs they're singing.  Anyway, Steven said it was off the wall and he likes that PP takes chances.  Jen thought it was too obscure and artsy.  Randy disagreed with Jennifer.  Randy loved the art-y side of PP.

Hollie's up with a song I've heard but don't know the title.  Oh, it's "The Climb" by Miley Cyrus.  She sounded wonderful and got a standing O!  You go Hollie!!!!  Randy said it was beautiful and a perfect song for her.  Jen said it was perfect.  Steven said she sang it like it was going out of style.

My rankings for tonight, taking both performances into consideration:

1.  Josh
2.  Jessica
3.  Elise
4.  Phillip
5.  Hollie
6.  Skylar

The judges pointed out that everyone had at least one great performance.  Some had two.  In my opinion, that was Josh and Jessica.  Everyone else only had one (in my opinion).

We're getting close, America!

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