Idol elimination night

Time to eliminate one more contestant from Idol 2012.

I fast-forward through the long intro/recap from last night.  There was no group sing tonight.  Instead they seemed to show a JLo video.  Can't say for sure since I fast-forwarded through that too, as well as the Ford commercial, like I usually do.

Ryan says we're doing results by duet, so first up is Joshua & Jessica.  (Josh isn't feeling well tonight.  He doesn't look well...I hope he's okay.)  Both of these kids should be safe.  First some comments from Jimmy.  "Joshua's right in his sweet spot right now.  10's all around."  "She sang beautifully, with emotion.  But that wasn't enough because she's a great singer with a song without enough voice power.  Right now it's a competition between two power vocalists--Joshua & Jessica...Joshua won because he picked a better song. "  Both are safe.

The Wanted perform.  Apparently they're a British pop group dominating the charts.  (This according to Ryan.)  Oh, I've heard this song.  ("Glad You Came.")  I'm so out of touch with radio these days because I'm usually listening to my iPod, so it's a relief when I recognize something new.

Next up are Colton & Skylar.   Jimmy says Skylar proved that she's also a power singer right up there with Hollie and Jessica.  He says Colton was good, but not great.

Ryan brings up Hollie & Deandre next.  Jimmy says Hollie is approaching this like a high school performer.  He says she was stiff, and we ended up asking ourselves "Where's the Feeling"? after she sang "Wha a Feeling."  He thinks she'll be in the bottom along with Deandre.  Jimmy disagreed with the judges and said Deandre was not great.  Deandre was the weakest of the boys.  Joshua is growing leaps and bounds, and Deandre is growing marginally.  "He could be going home unless Jennifer, who has been supporting his this whole show, saves him."

Dim the lights....

Deandre is in the bottom three.  As is Hollie.  Skylar & Colton are safe.

That leaves Phillip & Elise, and I suspect it will be Elise in the bottom.

But first, Kellie Pickler performs.  She looks SO OLD.  What happened????  Looks like she's had surgery.  That's too bad--she used to be so cute.

And now, Elise & Phillip.  Jimmy says, "Yeah, be yourself.  But there are three versions of yourself: the great version of yourself, the good version of yourself and the terrible version of yourself.  Last night was Phillip's good version of himself.  This was his worst performance of the show.  Phillip needs to be pushed so he can be the best version of himself that he can be."  Jimmy said she choked...she sang "I Want to Know What Love Is" perfectly during the mentoring session and rehearsals....she just choked last night.

The lights are dimmed again, and Elise is in the bottom three.

I suspect that the judges might save any of these three, Hollie, Deandre and Elise. 

Ryan tells us right off that Hollie is safe.

Then we learn that Deandre has to sing for the save tonight.  The judges will definitely save him since Jennifer & Randy just told us they thought America got the bottom two half right.

Deandre goes into full hair swing mode while singing Stevie Wonder's "Master Blaster."  He just gets on my nerves.  I'd send him home, but I think he'll be here another week.

HOLY COW.  I was WRONG.  They're not saving him.  JLo wanted to save him, Randy & Steven didn't.  Jennifer said, "I only get one vote."  She said he's an amazing performer, and she stands by that.

Well, well, well.  That helps my pool, I think!  Yay!

More next week!

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