Elimination night - from 7 to 6

Tonight's group song is Pink's "Raise Your Glass."  For some reason, the choreography included a scene with Colton's head in Phillip's lap, while Phillip ran his fingers through Colton's hair.  I think it was meant to be funny, but truly, it was just awkward.  As a group, they sound pretty good.  Phillip looks uncomfortable with the whole thing though.

After chit chat about fan mail, Ryan calls up Hollie and Jessica.

Jimmy Iovine says they are two very good technical singers.  One has habits she should continue with.  One has habits she should not continue with.  Hollie sounded contrived, stiff and not in the right place.  Jessica won the night.  "She sang that song like she wasn't even thinking about it."

Ryan sends Hollie to the right side of the stage.  Jessica goes to the other side.  I can see where this is going.  He's going to ask person #7 to pick which side he/she thinks they belong in.

Now, a performance from James Durbin singing his new song, "Higher than Heaven."  Shit, Ryan said he was a former contestant, but the name wasn't ringing a bell until I saw James.  Of course, James!  The Judas Priest fan.   He's got spiky, blonde Billy Idol hair.  Dude on the drums has Colton's hair.  I didn't love the song, to metal-ly, I guess.  But it's good to see James.  He got married on New Year's Eve. How nice.

Time for more results.  He calls up Phillip & Elise.

Jimmy says that these two are singer/songwriters.  He said they're character singers.  They're not technical, they have character in their voice, they don't have fireworks, but they have soul, and the lyrics are the other part of what they do.  He says Phillip is influenced by Dave Matthews, but what we ended up with is Dave Matthews singing Maroon 5--he thinks Phil's in the bottom 3.  He thought Elise was good, but didn't do enough to pull herself from the bottom three.

Ryan sends Phillip to join Hollie.  Elise is asked to join Jessica.

Next, a performance from Jennifer Hudson and Ne-Yo.  Her waist gets smaller and smaller each time I see her.  She looks fabulous!  And Ne-Yo looks good as always. The man can wear a hat.

Back to results.  Ryan calls up Colton & Joshua.

Jimmy says they both did well last night.  Joshua nailed it.  His performance was natural, flawless.  He also said he believed every moment of Colton's performance.  He's in with both of these guys.

Josh is asked to stand with Jessica and Elise.  Colton is asked to join Hollie and Phillip.

That leaves Miss Skylar.  Jimmy's afraid she can be left behind in the competition.  He says she's a pro--she's a singer/songwriter AND a technical singer.  "What she did with that song last night floored me."  He says she should not be in the bottom three.

He adds that in his opinion, the bottom three are Phillip, Elise & Hollie (based on last night's performances, only).  Well, Elise is in a different group than the other two, and I'm thinking (hoping) she's safe.

Ryan tells Skylar she's safe.  He then asks her to pick the group she thinks she belongs with.  She says no, and takes a seat.  Ryan said, "Okay, she won't choose, but I need to put you in one of the groups.  AND WTF?!?!?  She's on the side with Hollie, Phillip and Colton.


Randy says America got it so wrong tonight.  People get complacent with voting...they think their person is safe, so they don't call.   I'm guilty of it too, though I did call in for Elise last night.

The judges will use their save tonight.  Steven just said so. 

Ryan goes on with results.  Josh is safe.  Now it's down to Elise & Jessica.  The person who has to sing for their life tonight is JESSICA?!?!?!  WHAT?!?!?!?

JLo looks flabbersgasted.

THANK GOD the judges have a save.

Jessica starts singing, and the judges run up on stage.  JLo says, "Give me that mike!  This is crazy!  Yes, we are using the save!  You ain't going home."  Jessica looks so confused for a moment.

Randy takes the mike and says, "This is one of the best singers in America.  Ever!  Are you kidding me?!  Please, everybody, please vote for the best.  It's about finding the best.  I mean, come on!"

Ryan has her sing us out.  She starts again.  Her nerves must be so wrangled.   My Tivo cut off before she finished.  What a crazy show!

Do you think it was rigged??

I have a friend at work who thinks all reality shows are rigged.  I don't always agree with him (like with Amazing Race), but sometimes stuff like this happens, that just seems so unbelievable, and it makes me wonder.  Is it merely a coincidence that Jennifer Hudson performed tonight?  The "judge's save" was created the year after she was eliminated too soon thanks to voter complacency.  Things that make you go, hmmmmm....

Now it seems the powers that be have ensured that people will vote for Jessica every week so they don't see her in the bottom ever again.

I wonder how the judges throwing all their weight behind Jessica makes the other contestants feel--especially with Randy's declaration that she's the best singer in America.  Does it make them feel like, "why bother?"

Next week should be interesting.

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