I recently saw Jon Stewart interview Jane Goodall on The Daily Show about the new Disney movie, Chiimpanzee.  The interview was fascinating, and even though she tells the whole premise of the movie, I still went to see it this afternoon.

It was wonderful.

The footage of this film is amazing.  A lot of it reminded me of the work done on Planet Earth, but there's also an incredible story that is told. A young chimp, Oscar, is orphaned, and the male leader of the chimpanzee family adopts him, which is something rarely seen in nature.  I think what fascinated me most is that Disney's intent was to film the upbringing of a young chimp.  They didn't and couldn't anticipate that this adoption story would take place. 

I recommend this movie for everyone.  I believe it's rated G, so kids can see it too.  Although Oscar is orphaned, the cameras don't graphically show what happened to his mom.  It's hinted at, and there are sounds, but nothing to see.

Be sure to stay through the credits where you get a glimpse into how the movie was shot.  

And finally, here's the interview that got me interested in the first place:

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