Black and Blue: The Redd Foxx Story

Black and Blue: The Redd Foxx StoryBlack and Blue: The Redd Foxx Story by Michael Starr
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I enjoyed reading and learning about the life of Redd Foxx--he lead a colorful life and is an interesting character. I found little tidbits like the fact that his father and brother were named Fred G. Sanford, or that he was friends with Malcolm Little (aka Malcolm X), to be fascinating. What I didn't care for was the writer's style. He haphazardly jumps back and forth in time, and is quite repetitive. Still, it was an interesting tale.

While reading the book, I ordered a CD or Redd's comedy...he was a funny guy, and even though they always talk about how filthy his comedy was, it's nothing compared to what you hear nowadays.  He used a lot of innuendo and double entendre to discuss, for example, sex.  Nowadays the comedians come out and just throw the F word around...which is not clever, and is rarely funny.

I was a big fan of Sanford and Son and also ordered the series on DVD.  I look forward to watching the shows with a different eye, now that I know about Redd's past and how he did all he could to help fellow actors, friends, and performers from his past.  Did you know that LaWanda Page (aka "Aunt Esther") was an old friend from grade school?  Neither did I, but now that I know that, I think watching Redd's interaction with her during Sanford & Son will be interesting to watch.

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