And then there were five...

It's Idol's elimination night, once again.  In reading recaps this morning, I learned that Ryan Seacrest was really sick yesterday and that Nigel Lithgoe almost hosted the show.  I guess Ryan rallied and he did the show.  But, he also touched or hugged almost everyone, so I hope everyone else stays healthy.

Tonight Ryan introduces a Queen cover band where all the members were hand picked by original band members Roger Taylor and Brian May.  They're the Queen Extravaganza and they perform "Somebody to Love."  They're great.  Brian May and Roger Taylor come out at the end. Great performance.

I skip through the Ford commercial and get to the results.  But first, we watch as the Idols went to TMZ for media training.  It's a stupid bit and I FF>> through that too.

Ryan calls up Jessica and Elise first.  Yay, Jimmy's back.  He said Jessica singing Bohemian Rhapsody was as mistake, but her second performance, "Dance with My Father" was magnificent. About Elise, he says she picked the wrong Queen song--it didn't move him.  He thought the Jimi Hendrix song was a double down on bad choice for the night.

And, of course, one will be in the bottom, one in the top.  Jessica is safe. Elise is in the bottom (again).  Poor Elise.

Stefano from a previous season is going to perform.  As my sister said, "Not interested."  But first, Casey Abrams is there from last season to give the Idols advice on the summer tour.  He looks like Grizzly Adams with long hair and beard.

I listened to the first few lines of Stefano's song.  It sounded like a mess.  Like I said, "Not interested."  Plus, was he lip synching?!

Ryan calls up Hollie and Joshua.  Jimmy wonders if Hollie's choice of "Save Me" was a subliminal message to the audience.  He gave it a B+.  But he thought her singing "The Climb" was a great choice--he hopes it's not too little, too late. Jimmy was impressed with Joshua doing "Crazy Little Thing Called Love."  Shows he can interpret and cross over to pop.  The second song was emotional and restrained.  He showed that he can go to the final.  If Josh gets voted off tonight, "there's something wrong with the competition, the voting, the entire ball of wax."  India.Arie tweeted that she got chills all over when he sang her song.

Hollie  is in the bottom 3 (also, again).  Elise and Hollie must be great friends by now, having bonded in that spot so many times.

Hmm...Katy Perry is performing tonight too.  For her I might be interested, but probably not.  We'll see what she sings.  She does "Part of Me."  Not interested.

And now Skylar and Phillip await their results.  Jimmy said she did a competent job on "The Show Must Go On."  He said the second song was self-indulgent.  Haven't heard that term since Simon left.  He didn't think that song cut the mustard.  Jimmy said, "the judges felt she won round one.  In my opinion, she got knocked out in round two."    Jimmy says that Ryan isn't the only one not feeling well, and the Phillip has been having a tough time.  He thinks Phillip is lacking the energy needed to carry of "Fat Bottomed Girls."  For the second song, Dave Matthew's "The Stone."  He thought it was a mistake since PP is always compared to DM.  Jimmy enjoyed seeing disagreement among the judges (Randy & JLo).  "When they agree all the time, I fall asleep."  But, he felt they both had good points.  He thinks that what PP did left an opening for someone other than Phillip to be in the finale.

The person in the bottom three is Skylar.  Right away, though, Ryan tells her she's safe.

It's down to Elise and Hollie, which I figured.

After 58M votes, the person leaving tonight is.....



She sings us out with Led Zeppelin and is great.  I'll miss her.

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