AI's Top 6 announced

One more contestant will eliminated from Idol tonight.  Honestly, the Top 7 performers are all so good.  It feels like no one should go home, but alas, we have to get down to one person, so someone's gotta go.

Tonight Kris Allen and LMFAO will perform.  But first, a group song:  Martha & the Vandellas' "Dancing in the Street."  They all sounded good, but the choreography was a little awkward.  There was a lot going on on the stage, dancers, band members, pickle-tub drummers, balloons.

Results time.  No, first the Ford commercial.  Yawn.

Now some results.  Ryan calls up Jessica & Joshua.

Jimmy says Josh did himself a lot of good and if the record company can find a song for him like "A Change Is Gonna Come," they'll have a great run with him.  Hollie was good, but it might not keep her out of the bottom three.  If Josh is going to be in the finale, he just has to keep doing what he's doing.

Josh is safe.  Hollie is in the bottom three.

Taylor Hicks is in the house  He looks very dapper this evening.  He announces that he's performing in Vegas this summer.  Then he & Ryan introduce Kris Allen with his new song "Vision of Love."  I was so relieved to hear that it was not a re-do of Mariah's song.  It was fine.

Next up for results are  Skylar and Elise.  

Jimmy said Skylar did better with her Marvin Gaye song than Elise did with hers.  He said that after Marvin Gaye sang "Let's Get It On," there was a baby boom, and that with Elise's version, there will be no baby boom.  For E to be in the finale, she'll have to find potent, rock & roll songs that she can sing naturally like she did Led Zeppelin.  Meanwhile, he thinks Skylar is the best performer we've got.

So, let me guess--Skylar is safe, Elise is not. And I'm right.

Ryan did a nice tribute to Dick Clark, his mentor.

LMFAO next performs "Sorry for Party Rockin'."  These guys crack me up.  They had a "zebra" (ok, two people in a zebra costume) on the stage doing the running man (or "shufflin'" as the kids are calling it these days.)!  Too much!  This isn't my favorite song of theirs though. 

Next up are Phillip, Colton, and Jessica.

Of this group, Colton *should* be in the bottom three, but I'm worried it will be Jessica again.

Jimmy says he realized last night that she's been singing songs that are too old for her, and as her mentor, he apologized for that.  If she stays another week, he's going to suggest younger songs.  Phillip & Colton came out on opposite sides of the game.  P's first song was great, the 2nd song was fine.  Colton's first song (Gaga) was all wrong.  He said the look was somewhere between 1985 Billy Idol on MTV TRL to Spiderman on Broadway.  Colton needs to regroup and get better songs.  Phillips choosing the best songs for himself.  Jessica needs songs that are appropriate for her age.

Jessica is safe.  WHEW.  Colton is in the bottom three.

Elise is safe.

Colton is going home.  Hollie looked stunned.  So did Phillip.

Colton was gracious.  He apologized for last night...said he wasn't himself.  He's going to take the judges' advice when he's making his record.  JLo said, "And you will!  You will!

He sings us out--it's a religious song I think.  I don't know it.  He sings on his knees like he's praying.  As he sings, Phillip looks distraught.  And then Tivo cut off.   I need to go figure out how this affects my pool..I think it was good for me, but I can't remember where I had Colton ranked.

On to next week!

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