Idol's top 10 perform

The show opens with all the Idols' tears at dealing with Shannon's departure last week.  Nice mood setter, but then the text on the screen says that the Top 10 go on...and go on tour.  Good for them.

Tonight the kids are singing Billy Joel.  Steven says if you can't sing Billy Joel, you can't sing at all. His songs have great melody.

Diddy's here to mentor and Tommy Hilfiger is her to consult on fashion.  Who CARES!?!?  The show is already too long at 2 hours.  They could probably cut it to 90 minutes without that segment. 

Deandre is first, and singing "Only the Good Die Young."  Jimmy and Diddy babbled a lot.  I was playing Draw Something and not paying too much attention.  Tommy Hilfiger made the mistake of telling Deandre to wear his hair down and now he's whipping it all over the place.  I can barely listen to the song because it's so distracting.  He does an okay job.  Doesn't wow me.  Steven and JLo liked it but Randy said, "It didn't wow me."  Hmm...sounds familiar.

Erika is next with "New York State of Mind."  Diddy and Jimmy advised her not to overperform and to sing it like she's from New York.  I do't know what Tommy H. told her, because I fast forwarded, but she came out in black leather and with a cute pixie cut that's now black.  She looks great.  And she sounds great.    Randy loves her look, and loved her performance.  JLo too.  Steven too.

Joshua is singing, "She's Got a Way," a song he wasn't familiar with.  This is probably my favorite Billy Joel song.  He sang it beautifully.  I love Joshua.  JLo couldn't complain about his singing, but she didn't get the emotion from it.  How in the world does Steven Tyler not know this song?!  Anyway, he loved it.  Randy agreed with both of them.

Skylar was totally starstruck by Diddy.  It was cute.  She's singing "Shameless."  Now, this is a song that I'm not familiar with.  Diddy told her not to force it.  She did a nice job.  Judges comments were pretty neutral.

Elise is singing "Vienna."  Another song I don't know.  Jimmy said he's worried that she's doing a song that no one is going to know.  Nice to know I'm not the only one.  She was great tonight.  Best performance she's done so far. Steven loved it.  Randy said she proved that she's unbelievably talented.   

Phillip sings "Moving Out."  Diddy asked him to perform w/o the guitar to take him out of his comfort zone.  Diddy gave him advice on getting into the groove of the song.  His voice sounds great on this song.  I kinda like this version better than the original.  Jen said it was awesome.  Steven said it was beautiful and gave him a scarf to jazz up his outfit.  Randy said it was one of the best renditions of that song, ever.  Randy admired that Phillip ignored Tommy, Jimmy & Diddy's advice.

Hollie is singing "Honesty."  Another of my favorites.  Tommy said he was going to dress her younger, but she's still styled like shes 20 years old.  It's the hair this tim.  I do like her pants.  She was good, but not great tonight.  Steven said she was a little pitchy and might've been over thinking it.  JLo and Randy agreed. 

Time for Heejun.  He's doing "Don't Go Changing."  Diddy said, "I don't know if he's an actor.  A con man.  Or....I don't even know if he's Asian.  He may be Black."  Haha!  so, when he comes out to sing, the piano man is playing a soul ballad.  Heejun starts singing, but then tells the piano guy, that song's too slow for me!  And then they went into "My Life."  He did a great job!!!  Jen loved that he brought a breath of fresh air since there've been so many ballads tonight.  She said he didn't always hit the vocals, but it was a lot of fun.  Steven has taken to calling him Heeman tonight, and then dinged him for not taking things more seriously. 

Jessica is singing "Everybody Has a Dream."  Diddy told her she was oversinging it.  He didn't believe that she had a dream.  Told her to pull back on the tricks.  She brought the gospel tonight.  Randy says she "has a moment" every time she steps on the stage.  He said it was perfection.  The others loved it too.

Colton's singing "Piano Man."  He's happy to be sitting at the piano again.  We thought Tommy would help with Colton's haircut, but no such luck.  He did a good job and judges loved it too.

So, faves tonight were Joshua, Phillip, Jessica, and Elise.

Least favorite: Deandre and Heejun.  I'm torn about Heejun...I love having him on the show, but his singing is off and on.  He should go in to comedy.

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