Idol's Big Cut

Tonight we're going from the Top 24 to the Top 13 on Idol.  Why this has to happen over a two-hour period is beyond me.  The Top 5 girls and Top 5 guys will be based on viewers' 33 million votes.  Then each judge will get a wildcard pick, making up the rest of the 13.

First up are the guys.  Ryan calls up Chase, Phillip and Jeremy.  Chase is the Brendan-Fraser-looking country guy.  Phillip is the one who reminded me of David Cook, and Jeremy is the sweet guy that comforts all the other contestants.  

Oh what's this?  Jimmy Iovine is back!  He's wearing a blue and black sweater that looks just like one I had in 1987.  

Anyway, in a playback of Jeremy's performance,  he says Jeremy is a nice guy with a nice voice, but that's not enough to cut it on this show.  About Chase he says he's a good-looking guy, but there are plenty of those on TV now.  He didn't see anything fresh or original. 

Jimmy should be on the judges panel.  Seriously.  I wonder if Randy's statement about the judges being lenient on the guys had anything to do with his awareness of Mr. Iovine's commentary. 

Jimmy liked Phillip--he has originality, and Jimmy would sign this guy on the spot.

Ryan then tells us that Jeremy and Chase didn't make the Top 10.  No real surprise there.  Phillip did make it.  (From here on out, I'll refer to him as Phil.)

Now Ryan calls up Hollie, Jessica, Brielle and Hallie.  I suspect Jessica and Hollie will make it through.  Brielle definitely did not.   Jimmy thinks Hollie could do real damage with the right material.  About Brielle, he wondered why she picked Dock of the Bay instead of something contemporary and relevant.  He said that Hallie was poised and restrained, and that Jessica has talent from A to Z and that he'd sign her on the spot tonight, and that she's the one to beat.

Ryan breaks the news.  Brielle and Hallie are not in the Top 10.  Jessica and Hollie are.   (I'm having a hard time keeping Hollie and Hallie straight as I type.)

Next up:  Joshua, Heejun, and Adam.  Goodness.  Heejun looks like he's about to throw up.  I hope he makes it! And Jimmy says:  Joshua is the real deal, and he's looking forward to working with him, but he's have to ensure it doesn't become Sister Act III.  About Adam (the only black woman on the show), Jimmy says "supposedly Adam has a large, black woman trapped in a white body, but he's not effectively merging the two into one.  Jimmy says that Heejun confuses him--he says, "this isn't American Comedian, it's American Idol."  The comedy is exactly what I love about Heejun.  

Joshua and Heejun are in the Top 10.  Adam's not.

Up come Baylie, Skylar, Shannon and Chelsea. 

Jimmy?  Whatchu got?

He liked that Skylar brought a lot of charisma and stage presence & he would've voted for her.  Baylie was out of tune, and he believes "out of here."  He thinks Chelsea has a nice voice, but Carrie Underwood karaoke is not going to fly.  And about Shannon, he said he really likes her, great voice, great poise, but she needs help in the styling area because she was dressed more for the prom than a live performance. 

Shannon's in.  So is Skylar.  Chelsea & Baylie are not.

Here come Aaron, Creighton, and Reed.

Jimmy says:  Reed is really talented, but it was too kitschy and cabaret; he didn't understand the standing O for Aaron, he thought the performance was cheesy; Creighton has an interesting voice that at the top end is screechy & annoying...he didn't love it like the judges did.

Ooh...a twist!  Neither Aaron, nor Creighton, NOR Reed are in the Top 10.  I was really pulling for Creighton to be there.

Elise, Erika, Haley, and Jen are up.  (Just a side observation...I think everyone on the show except Skylar is taller than Ryan.)

Jimmy says Jen has a nice voice, but she's miles away from Adele and there are too many Adele wannabes on TV now.  She had vocal pyro-techniques in place of soul.  He likes Erika, and says she has great restraint, which the show needs more of.  Jimmy can get around Haley's singing out of tune, but he can't get around "robotic mimicking."  About Elise:  he likes her, she has a lot of character.  He thought she brought something to Adele's song.

There's only one spot for the girls left--I suspect it'll go to Elise or Erika.

And, it's Elise who makes it.  When Ryan announced that Erika didn't, JLo seemed very disappointed.

And finally, we have Jermaine, Colton, Eben and Deandre.  I don't really care for any of these guys, but if I had to choose, I guess I'd go with Deandre to fill the last spot.  He has a good enough voice, but damn, he needs to stop tossing and playing around with that hair!  It's SO ANNOYING. 

Jimmy says Deandre has a great voice, but needs a coach.  He says Eben is talented with great potential, but he's not read for prime time.  He also suggests changing the rules so Eben can come back at a later time.  He says Colton is probably one of the most talented kids, but he tried to do too much too soon with all the performance antics. 

Deandre's not in the Top 10.  OH MY GOD WITH THE HAIR.  (He dramatically pulled it up to a pony tail.)  Okay, Colton is in.  Oh, Eben is another one shorter than Ryan.  Jermaine is in.  Eben is not.

Now the judges will reveal six contestants that they want to hear sing for a chance at a wildcard spot. 
15 people are eligible for the 3 spots.

The first pick is Jen Hirsh.  She sings the Beatles' "Oh, Darling," which she sang during auditions.  She does a great job and the judges give her plenty of kudos.

Jeremy Rosado is next singing Carrie Underwood's "I Know You Won't."  He really belts it out and is in tears by the end of the song.  And so is JLo. 

Ugh.  Next they choose Brielle.  After the other night, I really didn't want to hear her sing again.  She does ADELE's "Someone Like You."  I'm thinking of Jimmy Iovine's words earlier about too many Adele wannabes.  She's still pitchy and not great.  JLo thought she deserved another chance, but Randy & Steven said it wasn't good.

Next is Deandre and his damn hair.  He's singing "Georgia on My Mind."  He does a fine job, but man he gets on my damn nerves with the hair tossing.  This was the best save your life performance so far. 

Erika takes on Lady Ga-Ga's "Edge of Glory."  She sounds a little like Ga-Ga at the beginning.  She does a good job, but sometimes the song seems too low for her.  The crowd and the judges love it.

The last person chosen to sing for his life is Reed Grimm.  I'm glad they brought him back.  I wish they'd given Creighton another try--I would rather hear him sing again than Brielle.  Reed sings "Use Me" by Bill Withers.  He's kooky with his moves, but I do like him.  Randy made a comment a while back about him scatting too much--I would agree with that.  But I still like him.  Randy says he's one of the most different artists that's ever performed on the show.  Steven said he nailed it. 

The three wildcards are:  Erika, Jeremy, and Deandre

So there it is.  The Top 13 are:


Next week they're being mentored by Mary J. Blige.  The guys will do Stevie Wonder, while the ladies pay tribute to Whitney Houston.  That could be interesting.

Until next week, ciao!

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