Idol elimination night

A bunch of fluff for tonight's show before we get to the results.  First we learn about Aerosmith's upcoming tour.  Then we get a taste of the Twitterverse and all the contestant's idols who tweeted about their performances.  Deandre actually got a visit from Eric Benet, who came out and gave him a big hug.  Deandre looked liked a little girl.  Then there's the Ford commercial, and them a clip about the contestants moving to their big house.  I fast forwarded...I'm sure it's a nice house.

Finally, at 13 minutes into the show, we get some results.  Ryan brings up Elise, Hollie, and Phillip.

Jimmy says (this is my favorite part of elimination night):  Elise was a dark horse, but not anymore.  Now she's coming on strong.  In Phillip, we're witnessing a big, big star being born.  Hollie did a beautiful job, but you don't win this on technique, you win on soul, and she's got to fill in that blank.  (He mentioned that you end up comparing Hollie and Jessica, and Jessica has soul.)

Hollie's in the bottom three.  Phillip and Elise are both safe.  My 10 votes for her last night worked.  Here's hoping that same mojo helps me win $540M in the lottery tomorrow night.

Nicki Minaj performs.  Notice I didn't say "sings."  Terrible lip synching was in full effect. 

Next up are Colton, Joshua, and Heejun.

Jimmy saysColton was good, but not good enough.  Joshua did about 85% on his own, he was great until he got emotional.  But, he killed it when he did the Michael Jackson medley.  Steven Tyler helped Heejun with tough love last week, but it wasn't enough.  He doesn't sing as well as the others on the show.

Heejun is in the bottom three.  Josh and Colton are safe.

Scotty McCreery performs.  I fast-forwarded through his performances all last season.  Why stop now?  After his performance, Jimmy comes on stage and presents Scotty with a Platinum Record for 1,000,000 records sold.  That's pretty awesome...good for Scotty! 

Final three are Skylar, Jessica, and Deandre.

Jimmy says:  Skylar picked a character song, rather than one that had real melody.  He thinks her performance will put her in the middle of the pack, but he loved her performance during the medley.  Deandre's right in the middle.  His falsetto is beautiful, or it can be polarizing.  If enough people buy into it, he'll be okay; if not, he'll be in trouble.  Jessica is doing things with her vocals that people who have been in the business for 20 years can't do.  Then he says, "I don't know how the voting will pan out, but I do know that young girls tend to vote for young guys, seeing who's won this thing in the last 4 or 5 years. What we need now is a little girl power."  This is why we voted for Elise last night--we figured the teeny boppers wouldn't do it.  Need to keep it in mind for Jessica too.

Skylar's in the bottom three.  Deandre & Jessica are safe.

After the commercial, we see that Skylar is safe.  It's down to Heejun & Hollie.  I think the judges might use their save for Heejun, but not sure about Hollie.

We'll see, because Heejun has to sing for his life.  He's re-doing Donny Hathaway's "A Song For You." 

J's got tears in her eyes.  I think they'll save him.  He sang it even better than he did last night.  But....they did not save him.  That's a shame.  I'll miss Heejun.

Next week they'll be singing songs from the 80's.  Could be good...could also be cheesy.  We shall see!

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