From 10 to 9

Elimination night on Idol.  Because it's late, I'm just going to give a very brief run down.

Lana Del Rey performed.  Because my brain was already permanently scarred with the memory of her performance on SNL several weeks ago, I didn't even listen to one note. 

Joe Perry came on stage with the contestants to wish Steven Tyler a happy birthday.  I guess this means he no longer feels Steven sold out to appear on the show.  I also guess they're still friends after Steven said the rest of Aerosmith ride his coattails on 60 Minutes.

Haley Reinhart performed her new single.  It was good to see her on stage again. 

And finally, Deandre, Heejun and Erika were in the bottom three, and good grief, Erika had the fewest votes.  She sang for her life, but the judges decided not to use their save.  I wasn't expecting her to be in the bottom at all.  My pool is already screwed up in week one.  Oh well. 

The Top 9 get to move into the big Idol Mansion.  Good for them.  On to next week.

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