Elimination Night (or is it?)

I mentioned yesterday that because Jermaine was removed from the show, that sometime in the near future, we'd have a week where no one goes home, and then the following week where two people go.  Will it be tonight? Let's find out.

After Ryan does the intros, we're introduced to Tommy Hilfiger who is the "Image Advisor" on Idol.  Okayyyyyy.  Fast forward.

I continued fast-forwarding through the Ford ad.

Now for some results.  This is my favorite part of the elimination show--where Jimmy Iovine gives his critique of the performances, and sometimes of the judges.  It's the closest we can get to having Simon's honesty on the show.

Ryan calls up Phillip, Skylar, Elise & Joshua.  Jimmy's comments:

Phillip:  He went far beyond the call of duty.  I'm rooting for Phillip.
Skylar: She's better than she was last night.  She'll stay though.
Elise: Wow.  Did I believe Elise last night!  She captivated me.  She blew my mind.  She stays.
Joshua: You don't sing that song much better than that.  Percy Sledge called and said he loved it.

Ryan tells Joshua that he's safe and is going on the summer tour--so, I take that to mean they're announcing the Top 10 tonight.  So, someone will go home...OR they're taking 11 on the summer tour.

Elise is in the bottom three.  The others are safe.  

Demi Lovato performs next.  Since I don't really care, I fast forward.

Ryan now calls up Deandre, Colton, Shannon and Jessica.  Jimmy says:

Deandre: Judges said it was wrong song.  Maybe so.  Here's how song choice works:  the singer comes in with three choices.  If they sound good right away, we move on.  If they don't, we suggest some songs, and they choose.  It was Deandre's choice.  He could be in trouble tonight.
Colton: Steven said it was the wrong song.  I agree.  Randy completely confused me--the song doesn't matter, the song does matter...what kind of show is this?  Does the song matter or not?  We all know the song matters. 
Shannon:  Shannon's at her best when she doesn't push too hard, but she pushed too had last night, and it shows her weakness.
Jessica:  I completely supported her doing an uptempo song.  She doesn't want to be an opera singer in a talent show.  Whether it was the right song or wrong song was based on one thing...when she performed, you heard her scream, when she did that, she lost her breath, when she lost her breath, she lost her rhythm, and when she lost her rhythm, the judges nailed her and they were right.  Based on last week's performance, and who she is, she's not going home any time soon.  If she goes home, we should all go home.


From this group, Shannon's in the bottom three.  The rest are safe.

Next Daughtry performs.  Now this I care about.  It's always good to see Chris back on the show.

And now Ryan calls Erika, Heejun & Hollie.  Jimmy?

Hollie:  I gave Hollie straight A's last night.  His only complaint is they dressed her too old--remember that she's only 18!
Heejun:  Heejun is boxed in by the song's he's singing.  He needs to find some tempo.  People are going to get bored and stop voting if he doesn't do something drastic.
Erika:  Erika oversang it last night. 

Erika's in the bottom three.

The judges are disappointed that Elise is in the bottom three after her great performance.  No worries because Ryan tells her she's safe.

It's now down to Erika & Shannon.  Erika's safe.  Shannon now has to sing for her life, and the judges will decide whether to use their one save.  She sounds worse than she did last night.  I don't think the judges will save her. 

And they don't.

Bye-bye, Shannon.  And then there were 10.

Just one more note:  I've seen the idea floated around that the Idol producers knew about Jermaine's past back when they brought him back as Contestant 13, and that they brought him back just to have that dramatic moment last night where they threw him off the show.  Call me cynical, but this scenario wouldn't surprise me at all.  Desperate much?

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