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It's results night on Idol.  Tonight Ryan will first identify the bottom 3 guys and bottom 3 girls, and then the guy & girl with the fewest votes, and then the judges will make a decision.

The group song was Stevie Wonder's "As," and this group actually does a nice group sing.  Many of the group have rhythm, so there was even some nice choreography.  I liked hearing Jermaine's voice in this mix--he definitely should get a group together.

Before Ryan gets to the results, there's a message from Jimmy Iovine.  He said:
Before anyone comments on any of these singers tonight, I'd like to say one thing:  God mass produces billions of people--in my opinion, too many--but in the case of Whitney Houston, he stopped everything and made one by hand.  He made an extraordinary human being, and that's why it's so difficult for these girls to sing these songs.  Now, as fas as Stevie Wonder's concerned for the boys, that's no walk in the park either.
Ryan calls up Jessica, Elise and Hollie.  About these girls, Jimmy said:

Elise:  these songs weren't in her genre; she didn't rise to the occasion, I think she's in trouble
Hollieshe was fantastic
Jessicaprobably the best performance i've ever seen of anyone on American Idol.  My only concern for her is that she believes the applause too early and gets overconfident, but there's no doubt we'll see her next week.

Elise is in the bottom three.  No surprise there.

Next are Heejun, Colton, and Jermaine.

Heejun:  if I were making a record with Heejun the last thing I would do is take a Stevie Wonder song.  It shows off all his flaws.  I like his voice, I like the tone of his voice...we're going to have to keep him in what he does best, and this is not it.
Colton:  Is he a pop singer, is he a rock singer?  I don't think he's found his truth yet.
Jermaine:  I feel that jermaine had an internal battle going on between tuning and feel, and he lost both.  Jennifer was right, he was thinking too much.  I must take issue with Steven...he said the song fit like an Armani suit.  Steven, Armani doesn't make a suit that big.

Jermaine disagreed with Randy's criticism last night, and with Jimmy's take tonight.  He's getting a little cocky kind of soon, no?  Doesn't matter--Jermaine's in the bottom three.

Before we move on, Lauren Alaina is back to perform.  She looks fantastic!

More results.

Erika: Here's a case where someone's not really made for a song, but yet she took it, enhanced it, and did a really believable job.  Her problem is her presentation--she needs to be direct, and she needs to just focus on it and say this is who i am and how I present myself.
Shannon:    Nerves got the better of Shannon.  It tightened her vocal chords and that stands between Shannon and the top notes....she needs a lot more experience.
Skylar:  If Jennifer doesn't like that "nasal," she might not like Skylar in the end.  I like nasal.

Elise and Shannon are in the bottom three.

Joshua:  He's very, very good.  I'm concerned that you'll get bored of his voice after a while.  He's gonna have to mix it up...the judges loved him.  I'm worried about him a bit.
Deandre:  He was a pleasant surprise last night.  He didn't overdo it, he didn't try to hard....  I wouldn't be surprised if he's in the Top 10.
Phillip:   He's a great musician both vocally and instrumentally.  He came knowing who he is, and that's a big advantage.  I'm a little nervous that these girls have a lot of vocal fireworks and that can outshine him in weeks to come. 
Jeremy:  Jeremy is where I differ the most with Jennifer and Steven last night.  Stevie Wonder ballads are custom made for Jeremy's voice, and he did not deliver at all....all the girls out-performed Jeremy, and I think Jeremy will go.

Jeremy and Joshua are in the bottom three.   But then Ryan announces right away that Joshua and Erika are safe.

Mary J. Blige performs her song "Why?" next.  Nice groovin' song.  You go Mary!

Poor Jeremy--Ryan asks Steven who he thinks deserves to leave tonight.  And Steven flatly says, "Jeremy."  Jeremy said "it stinks" to be up there again toward the end of a results show.  Feel bad for the guy.  First Jimmy, now Steven....

Jermaine is safe, so Jeremy's in the bottom two.

Shannon is safe.  Elise is also in the bottom two.  Shannon tried to give Elise a hug and Elise's demeanor was like, "get the F off of me."

The judges deliberated over the break and decided to save Elise.  It's the end of the road for Jeremy.  Aww...he seems like a nice guy.

On to next week!

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