Oscars 2012

Just a few comments about tonight's Oscar's broadcast:
  • BRAVO! to The Artist for winning Best Picture.
  • Lovely speech from Meryl Streep about the friendships she's made over the years.
  • Billy Crystal did a nice job.  I never really laughed out loud, but I chuckled, and found that it was sort of....comforting, I guess, to have him there.  I thought they would've done a joke with Eddie Murphy, but no luck.
  • Speaking of which, Chris Rock's joke about animated films and fat women getting to play thin princesses, and white men getting to play Arabian nights, and black men getting to play donkeys and zebras....was hilarious.
  • Beautiful "In Memoriam" tonight, accompanied by Esperanza Spalding and the Southern California Children's Choir singing, "What a Wonderful World."
  • It was sweet to see Natalie Portman describing Gary Oldman's performance in Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy.  I couldn't help but think of him terrorizing her as a 12-year-old girl in The Professional all those years ago.   (I just looked the movie up on IMDb, and it's now referred to as Leon: The Professional.  When did that happen?)
  • ANNOYING tinny sound from the microphones all night.  What was up with that?
That's all I've got.  Hopefully next year I'll have my mojo back and will be up to a more in-depth analysis.  Right now though?  I'm going to bed.   Ciao.

Update (2/27/12):  This was a blurb from today's Washington Post:  "It seemed like a stretch to used the words “big win” this time around— has there ever been a year where you felt less inclined to make sure you’d seen every best picture nominee?"

Hmm...maybe it wasn't just me and my lack of mojo that kept me from getting into the Oscar race this year.  Hank Stuever described exactly how I felt.  I've seen 5 of the 9 best movie nominations:  The Artist, The Help, The Descendants, Midnight in Paris, and Moneyball.  Those five I consider to be the "good ones."  Of the remaining four:  Hugo, Tree of Life, War Horse, and Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close, I was aware of mixed reviews of all of them, and didn't feel that compelled to get to the theater to see them.  I still have issues with 9/11 movies and footage, so that's probably what kept me from Extremely Loud.  As I was trying to explain to my friend Mark the other day, War Horse just didn't interest me.  When you watch the previews, it looks like a typical Disney movie--a boy and his horse.  But then they throw in all the war scenes that were literally dark (meaning lowly lit) and completely unappealing.  The scenes looked like Saving Private Ryan, which I couldn't reconcile in my mind as belonging in the same movie as the boy-and-his-horse story.  I rented Tree of Life from Amazon instant video and will watch tonight, but again, the previews just weren't appealing, so I don't have high hopes. 

I guess it was just good to read that I'm not the only one who was feeling this way.

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