Ladies night on Idol

So...it's ladies night on Idol.  One thing that strikes me as they span across the contestants is that somehow they auditioned thousands and thousands of people for this show, yet they couldn't find a single black girl that could sing???  It just looks weird. Is Adam Brock from last night the only black woman in the competition?

Anyway, first up tonight is Chelsea Sorrell singing Carrie Underwood's "Casanova Cowboy."  She was okay.  After the judges fawned all over the boys last night--whether they were good or not--they start off tonight with a bunch of negative comments for Chelsea.  Randy said she was trying to hard to be like Carrie Underwood.  J-Lo said she was nasal-y, and Steven told her to watch her phrasing and timing. 

Erika Van Pelt is next singing Heart's "What About Love."  I didn't like how she started off, but by the chorus she sounded good.  Steven said there's something magical about her confidence and that she nailed it.  JLo thought she could've taken it further and told her next time to "let loose on us."  Randy also liked her confidence.

Next is Jen Hirsh.  I loved her during the auditions.  She sang Adele's "One and Only" and did a nice job.  Maybe not my favorite of hers (look at me, I sound like Randy!), but I might be comparing it to Adele's version too much.  JLo thought it was beautiful and that she did let loose.  Steven commented on a shaky note at the end.  Randy liked it.

Oh, what's this??  Ryan asked Randy how the girls are comparing to the guys last night and Randy admitted that with the excitement of it being the first live night, they may have been a little lenient on some of the guys last night.  Randy said there were great performance, but some were just eh....  He said they gave some passes.   That's for sure.

Brielle Von Hugel is singing Otis Redding's "Sitting on the Dock of the Bay."  I don't care for her voice on this song.  I think the key is too low for her.  Steven said it was beautiful.  Okay, so never mind about the criticism.  JLo said she's a true performer.  Randy said when she started that maybe the key was a little too low for her.  Hmm...sounds familiar.  But he liked how she ended.

Next is Hallie Day  from Baltimore, MD.  Maryland's in the house!  She's singing "Feeling Good."  Love this song.  She had a couple of shaky notes, but was otherwise awesome!  JLo loved it.  Steven liked her old fashioned, old-timey voice in the vein of Adele.  Randy said she can definitely blow, but he doesn't know how to categorize her.  She said she likes R&B, old school, and that she wants to bring soul to anything she does.

It's typical that most of the guys on the show are taller than Ryan, but this year, many of the girls are too.

Skylar Laine is singing Stay with Me by Faces.  I didn't care for her during auditions, and was prepared not to like her performance, but she did a great job and showed what a good performer she is.  She had the crowed riled up.  She looks a little, tiny bit like Reba McEntire.  Randy said it was so good--he loved her energy and said she's the rockin' country girl.  He said she's like Reba mixed with Kelly Clarkson.  The other two enjoyed it too.  (I don't know what they said because I wasn't really paying that close attention.)

Singing Lonestar's "Amazed" is Baylie Brown.  Hmm...not a great start.  She's off key and you can tell she's really nervous.  Her notes are shaky and weak.  I feel bad for her.  The judges all agreed with me.  Steven chalked it up to it being the wrong song.

Hollie Cavanagh sings "Reflection"by Christina Aguilera.  She starts of pretty weakly but then she finds her way and belts it out.  But then she gets to the bridge and is shaky again.  Overall, just an okay performance.  What was Steven listening to?  He said it was beautiful and that she hit each note so beautifully.  JLo thinks she can win the show?  WTH?!  Randy actually took time to mention her weak moments, but said her parts that were brilliant were "genius" but the other parts she can still work on. 

We've seen eight performances and it's clear that this group of girls isn't as talented as the guys, in my opinion.

Haley Johnsen sings The Eurythmics' "Sweet Dreams."  Weak.  Ooh...not good at all.  But again with great comments????  WHAT?!  JLo said "I hope that America could hear all the special things you were doing with your voice there because that's why we love you."  Then she said it might not have been the perfect song and the way she chose to sing it might not have perfect, and the audience booed her.  Steven said "you pulled it through."  Randy finally spoke some truth.  He said it was a bit of a nightmare for him, more than a dream.  FINALLY.   I was just beginning to wish Simon were here.

Six-foot-tall Shannon Magrane sings something about "There is a Candle" (I'm not familiar with the song).  She does okay...I don't really care for the song.  Randy said it was a way to come out swinging.  Oooo-kkkaaayyyyy.  JLo says she sings with such passion.  Randy and Steven loved it too.  Whatever. 

The judges and I are not on the same page tonight.

Jessica Sanchez spent some time at the doctor's this week and couldn't really rehearse because her vocal chords were sore and swollen, so she's nervous.  She sings Jennifer Hudson's "Love You I Do."  Another weak and shaky start.  But then she finds this huge voice and knocks it out.  She was great!  First GREAT performance of the night.  She even sounded a little like Jennifer Hudson.  Randy said it was one of the best of the last TWO nights. 

Last up is Elise Testone singing Adele's "One and Only."  What....one song twice in a night.  She's at the piano and is doing a much better job than Jen did, I'm sorry to say.  Her voice is a better fit for the song.  She's really good.  I like it.  Great ending to a mediocre show. 

Easier to pick the Top 5 tonight:

1.  Elise
2. Jessica
3.  Hallie
4.  Erika
5.  Jen

And my wildcard is Skylar.  I'm not a country fan, but she did entertain me tonight.

Tomorrow we'll see what's what.

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