Catching up

I know I've been so sporadic about posting these days. I don't have much of an excuse other than I just haven't really been in the mood. Not sure what's going on with me. I'm not in the mood to see any movies and I'm not on my usual tear to see all the Oscar movies. It doesn't help that I also canceled my subscription (after ~15 years) to Entertainment Weekly after becoming SO frustrated with their lack of customer service. Plus, after seeing The Artist, I don't think there's anything I'll see that will measure up, so why bother?

I'm still watching TV, of course. Cougar Town, Southland and Who Do You Think You Are? are all back, which makes me happy.  I tuned in to Celebrity Apprentice tonight, mainly because of George Takei, who cracks me up. Unfortunately, Lisa Lampanelli is also on--can't stand her. They called her the "funniest woman in Amercia." Uh. NO. I'm amused that they call Victoria Gotti "Author" as opposed to "Mob Daughter," which is how most people know her. I loved when Adam Carolla said his charity is "White Kids without iPads." Also loved that Arsenio Hall said that Ruben Studdard told him not to be the first Black man to lose to Clay Aiken. American Idol seems to have a lot of good talent this year. I'm kind of looking forward to the show once auditions are done. And finally, there's an alum from my high school on The Voice so I'll be pulling for her on that show. Of course, she graduated 22 years after I did, but whatever.

And of course I have to mention the passing of Whitney Houston. I was so shocked and saddened to hear the news. I was really pulling for her to have a good comeback...get her life in order, etc. I look forward to seeing the remake of Sparkle when it comes out in August. Whitney died too soon. I watched the services on Saturday, which were beautiful. Before she died, I felt like if I never heard "I Will Always Love You" again, it would be fine with me, but since her passing, it's taken on new meaning and has become so haunting to me. Especially after they played it at the end of the funeral service. That's when my waterworks really got going. I really feel for her mom and her daughter, and even a little for Bobby Brown, because I do think he really loved her, despite their "issues."

Speaking of Bobby Brown, my sister, a friend and I will be going to see New Edition in Baltimore in May. What kills me is that it's the THIRTIETH anniversary tour. It's been 30 years since I got their first 45 record?!?!? Good grief. (For what it's worth, I bought the 45 at some street fair they had in Baltimore. I think it may have been our first visit to Baltimore after moving to Maryland. I had that record for maybe 6 months before they started playing the song (Candy Girl) on the radio. Clearly I discovered them first.) :o)

I leave you with this...it's always been my favorite Whitney song:

One more thing. Last night I was out with my sister and our friend Dana and I asked what their favorite song was. Dana said hers was, "I Will Always Love You." Debbie first tried to break it into different time periods and then ultimately decided she simply couldn't pick just one. We were going through a list of Whitney's greatest hits via Dana's iPhone and we sang quite a few of them.


In a bar.

After only one drink (heck, Dana didn't even have a drink...she had a capuccino).

With people around.

We thought we were singing quietly, but when the waiter brought the bill, he told us he enjoyed our singing. Oops! Open apologies to anyone else who may have heard.

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