2012 Golden Globes

Some comments on tonight's show:
  • Laura Dern won for Best Actress in a TV Series, Comedy or Musical for Enlightened.  Really?!  I watched the first season and I still can't say whether I like the show or not, though I'm leaning toward, "not really."  What I can say is that it rarely makes me laugh, so I take issue with it being called a comedy.  Laura Dern is great, but I would've preferred to see Laura Linney win this one.  Which is kind of ironic--Laura Linney stars as a woman with Stage 4 cancer.  But....The Big C makes me laugh all the time.
  • I'm so happy Homeland won Best TV Drama.  But wait--did I miss the Best Actress in a Drama award?  Seems weird that this was announced so early.
  • It was perfect that The Artist  won Best Score.  How could it not--it's the whole movie!  And it's wonderful.
  • Madonna won a Golden Globe for Best Original Song in a Motion Picture.  I wasn't paying attention to what movie it's for.  I just wanted to say that she looks fab from the neck up, but otherwise, she needs to eat something.  Her arms were so extremely thin.
  • When Eric Stonestreet was announced as a nominee for Best Supporting Actor in a TV Series, Mini-Series or TV Movie, Jessie Tyler Ferguson, who plays his partner on Modern Family, and was not nominated, held up a sign over Eric's shoulder which read, "Whatever..."  That was awesome.
  • I was so pleased that Woody Allen won Best Screenplay for Midnight in Paris.  Whenever I think of that movie, I smile.
  • Most deserved award:  Jessica Lange, Best Supporting Actress for American Horror Story.  Woo hoo!! 
  • Most, most, most deserved award:  Claire Danes, Best Actress for Homeland.   As far as I'm concerned, she won this award with one scene in the 2nd to last episode of the season.  Her performance all season was flawless, but that one scene.  Man.  She's fantastic.
  • Bravo to Octavia Spencer for her win as Best Supporting Actress in a Movie for The Help.   Go Minny!
  • Ahh....Sidney Poitier.  Dignity personified.  
  • And Morgan Freeman - winner of the Cecil B. DeMille award.  Class act.
  • Ricky Gervais definitely toned it down this year.  There were still several zingers, but they didn't seem as mean-spirited as they did last year.  He was funny and I'm sure he'll be back again.

And my two favorite quotes:

Ricky Gervais: Who needs the Oscars?  Not me.  And not Eddie Murphy.  He walked out on them.  He said 'no,' and good for him.  But when the man who said yes to Norbit says no to you, you know you're in trouble.

Christopher Plummer (upon winning Best Supporting Actor - Motion Picture): To...Elaine, my wife of 43 years.  Whose bravery and beauty haunts me still.


Full list of winners.


Kerri said...

i think laura linney should win each and every time she's nominated!!

Valerie said...

i completely agree! :o)