A lion, a few tigers, and a bear. Oh my!

I saw We Bought a Zoo today and really enjoyed it.  The story, about a guy who's trying to start a new life with his kids after his wife dies, is pretty predictable.  Still, Matt Damon and the two actors who play his kids are so charming and engaging, it doesn't matter.  The animals at the zoo are GORGEOUS and I was mesmerized by them...especially the tiger, Spar.  As is typical with Cameron Crowe movies, I also enjoyed the soundtrack. In the movie, someone poses the question, if you had a choice, which would you choose: animals or people?  Hmmm....tough one.  Depends on which people we're talking about! 

I noticed on Rotten Tomatoes that the movies has a 63% approval rating among top critics, while the general audience (a.k.a. "America") rates it at 83%.  I'm with the audience on this one.  It's a cute, feel-good movie with good performances and beautiful animals.  Nothing wrong with that.

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