My eyes! My eyes!

I saw Drive today starring Ryan Gosling.

First the good:  Ryan Gosling plays a quiet loner who works as a getaway driver by night, and a car mechanic and part-time stunt driver by day.  He has a crush on his neighbor, and his desire to protect her and her young son leads to all kinds of trouble.  Ryan Gosling is an amazing actor.  Just his presence says so much without him uttering a word.  He can just stand there and with a look, you know exactly what he's feeling, whether it's tenderness toward his neighbor, or, for example, his disdain for Al Brooks' character upon meeting him the first time.  Anytime he's on the screen, I am just mesmerized. 
Now the bad:  As I told my dad, I think this might be the most violent movie I've ever seen.  This eclipses American Me, which has a scene that will forever be seared in my brain, but that I don't really wish to discuss because I don't want people searching certain terms and winding up on my blog.  Anyway, I think the graphic nature of the violence in this movie was obscene and unnecessary.  There was enough tension and suspense portrayed through the dialogue and acting, that it was not necessary to see someone's head literally get blown off (in slow motion no less), or see someone stick a fork in another character's eye.  Jesus.  I had to cover my eyes through much of the movie, and at one point, I wanted to scream, "Don't do it!!!!" to Ryan Gosling when something particularly gruesome was about to happen.  I'm sure the other two people in the theater would not have appreciated that, and thankfully, he didn't do it.

Still, contrary to how it sounds, I did enjoy the movie.  I've heard buzz that Al Brooks might get an Oscar nomination out of this.  I think he'd deserve it.  His character was so menacing and completely against type. Compared to the bumbling but lovable guy he played in Defending Your Life...wow--talk about range!

Between this, American Horror Story, Boardwalk Empire from two Sundays ago (where someone was scalped), and the details I've been reading about the Lululemon Trial (a terrible local news story about a stabbing in Bethesda Maryland), I think I really need to get some comedy into my life.  That's my agenda for this weekend.  I'm going start by watching ABC's Wednesday night comedy lineup (The Middle, Suburgatory, Modern Family and Happy Endings), and then maybe I'll throw on Bridesmaids for good measure.  Let the laughter begin!


Ms. Eason said...

Does the scene in the movie you referenced earlier have something to do with an unpleasant use of a metal implement? If so, I know exactly which scene you are talking about!

Valerie said...

YES!!!!! ugh!

Kerri said...

i just love ryan gosling, but i may have to pass on this one-- not a fan of violent movies. and i would be watching thru my fingers, and would miss looking at ryan. :( and that would be sad!!

Valerie said...

sad indeed! better bet to get "crazy, stupid love" and watch him in his shirtless glory. :o)