Mobbed--a low point for NBC

Wow. I'm watching an episode of Howie Mandel's Mobbed that was on the other night. The show is about creating a huge flash mob to surprise someone with big news. It's one thing to create such a huge production for a marriage proposal, but what they've done on this episode is disgusting. There's a guy who wanted to create this flashy dance scene so he could apologize to his 18-year-old daughter for not really being there for her most of her life. Dude. Take her out to dinner and make your damn apology. Why does this have to be a big television production? I saw a preview for an upcoming show where a guy is telling someone he's their father. WHAT?! With song and dance?????

So, it's a bad idea to start, but then, the execution of the flash mob was even worse. They told the daughter that she'd be appearing in a father/daughter feature for Rolling Stone. She mentions being hopeful that this will bring them closer together. Part of the flash mob surprise is that her dad calls her in the midst of "rehearsals" for the Rolling Stone thing to tell her he can't make it. He doesn't offer an explanation and basically hangs up on her. It's cruel and the daughter winds up in tears because, duh, as far as she's concerned, her dad has let her down once again.
This is such a serious subject for this girl, and to come in with a bunch of dancers and nonsense is just ridiculous. Not to mention the editing and production of the show. Howie Mandel brings on the drama... when the daughter is crying, he's behind the scenes, "We have to hurry. We're losing her. We're losing her." She's devastated and he's hamming it up for the camera. UGH.

This is one of the worst things I've ever seen.

In case you're wondering, he pleads his case, and the daughter says she'll forgive him.
Well, of course she does--there are hundreds of people watching. Is she going to make a scene and storm away? She's probably too overwhelmed to say anything buy yes.

The dad then apologizes to the mom too, by singing & dancing to their song "Love Me Tender." Dude can sing okay, but his dancing leaves a LOT to be desired. Earlier during the show, Napoleon and Tabitha (from So You Think You Can Dance) give him a zero on dance skills. It's just embarrassing. I guess by embarrassing himself in front of the crowd and TV audience he's really showing them that he's sincere.

I'd love to see a recap on this family a year from now. How will he act when this was all over? Actions speak louder than words (and flash mobs), dude.


Kerri said...

i didn't watch it.
and i understand, in a way, your disgust.
BUT, at the same time, just reading about it here, it sounds so effing hilarious, that it might be magical?!?!!! i'm going to have to watch the next one and see for myself. ;_

Valerie said...

Haha! Hmm...."magical" isn't quite the word I was thinking of. If you see it, let me know what you think.

Anonymous said...

I agree. this show is ridiculous!!