Glee's good again

Since they've limited the shenanigans of Sue Sylvester this season on Glee, I find I'm enjoying it much more.  I loved the performances for the West Side Story production.  I LOVE Idina Menzel.  And I like that Santana and Mercedes are getting more singing time.  Which leads me to this...this weak featured one of my favorite performances on Glee since it started.  Santana and Mercedes did a mash-up of Adele's "Rumour Has It" and "Someone Like You."  LOVED IT.

In other news, I saw Ides of March over the weekend. Good movie with strong performances. It just shows what a game our political system is. Ryan Gosling was great, as always.


Ms. Eason said...

Holy crap... you Mark and I managed to see a current movie BEFORE you did? We never go to the movies anymore! This makes me feel strangely "with it" now! :)

I agree, Ides of March was a very good movie.

Kerri said...

damn. we were THIS close to seeing ides of march today, but then we decided to come home and just watch tv instead. it's rainy and we felt the puppies needed our company! ;)

also, i don't watch glee, but see youtube videos every now and then. i just ordered a glee ukelele song book. dusting off the uke and thought that might be a fun way to do it. i have no idea what songs are in it, but sorta hoping for "dont' stop believin!!" i'll keep you posted. ;)

Kerri said...

BRILLIANT mash up on those two songs by the way!! i LOVE when people put stuff together in such a way! thanks for posting!!!