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I just noticed that this is my 800th post.  800 posts in exactly six years and four months.  I went back and read my very first post, from June 27, 2005.  I was reminded of a trip to NYC with my sister where we saw the crew from the Da Ali G Show filming something in Central Park.  Of course I realize now, that we were watching Sacha Baron Cohen's character, Borat.  It's interesting to go back and read the older posts to see what was happening in the entertainment world, and where my thoughts were.  I don't get too many comments these days, so I don't even know who's reading, but whoever you are, I hope you enjoy the blog as much as I enjoy writing it.

Now, that out of the way, here's what I really came to write about.  I saw this question posted on Twitter:

Link to Christy Lemire's list
I got to thinking about this and came up with my own Top 5.

NOTE: these movies are old, so I don't think I need to give a SPOILER alert, still, if you don't know what happens at the end of Carrie, and don't want to know, then skip that section.   

Movies are listed chronologically by the year they were released:
  •  The Wizard of Oz (1939).  It was those damn monkeys.
  • Carrie (1976).  I was only six when this movie came out, so clearly I didn't see it in the theater.  My family and I watched this when it was on TV, maybe in 1983 or so.  What I remember is that my folks were on the bed, and my sister and I were on a blanket on the floor.  I was sitting there munching on popcorn and thinking, oh, this movie wasn't so scary, and then SCREAMING MY HEAD OFF when that hand popped out of the ground at the end.  Holy shit!  I think my dad even screamed a little bit.   After that shock, we all laughed, but it shook me up for quite a while.
  • Magic (1978).  First of all, I never even saw this movie.  I was 8 years old when it came out and just the TV commercials freaked me out.  Look at the dummy.  Are you kidding me?!  It's SCARY.  I still don't like it.

  • Poltergeist (1982).  This came out in 1982, but I didn't see it until it came out on VHS, probably 1983.  Anyway, just watching this clip on YouTube got my heart racing.  Oh, the horror....

  • Star Trek II - The Wrath of Khan (1982).  I can't even search for the video for this one without feeling sick to my stomach.  Here's a description of the scene in question (pulled from Wikipedia):  He implants Chekov and Terrell with indigenous, mind-controlling eels that enter the ears of their victims and uses the officers to gain control of the Reliant. 

    WTF???  EELS THAT ENTER THE EARS?!?!?!?!  ACCKKKKKKK!!!!!!  I wanted to leave the theater right then and there!  My dad insisted we stay.  I just kept my eyes and ears closed the rest of the movie. 
So, that's my list.  I realize a couple of the movies are a bit obscure, but the fact that just thinking of these things now still makes me uneasy, you can only imagine how I felt as a kid.


Kerri said...

yes!! the wizard of oz was super scary. but to me, it was that damn witch! "poppies...poppies will make them sleep" YIKES.

salem's lot was another super scary one to me.

and then all those omen movies. i hate the name damien b/c of that movie.

800!! wow! well, you know i read and LOVE your blog! i feel like i know you b/c of it! ;)

Kerri said...

and yes!! i did watch AHS- how in the world are they going to keep this thing going? is it a one season show? well, it's VERY entertaining.