American Horror Story

I decided to tune in to American Horror Story simply because Connie Britton and Dylan McDermott star (it was mostly because of Connie Britton).  The show, essentially is about a haunted house and the family that moves in.

Now, generally, I'm not a big fan of the horror genre.  I don't like to feel scared. But, I thought maybe it would be campy like True Blood, which I love.  I should've known better.  I mean, just the commercials for the show were pretty creepy.

I went ahead and watched the pilot episode and, holy shit.  It freaked me the F out!  It was almost too scary to be watching by myself.  It makes me think that the mind of Ryan Murphy might be slightly demented.  And I couldn't help but wonder how that mind got from Glee to AHS.

The show starts in 1978 with a little girl wearing a yellow dress standing in front of this big Victorian house.  Two teenage twin boys come up and enter the house--the girl tells them, "You're going to die in there."  The boys go in and start destroying the abandoned house with their baseball bats.  Then they go in the basement.  They come across various specimen jars--one with a baby's foot.  Another with a baby's head.  Then there's a shadow--something moves by.  You get a flash and the figure looks a bit like Nosferatu.  One brother heads up the stairs, and calls for the other, who doesn't answer.  Brother #1 goes back down the stairs and finds that Brother #2 is bloody and lying on the floor--his throat has been slashed.  Then that shadow comes back and Brother #1 starts screaming.  The camera pans back outside and the little girl is still standing there. UGH.  WTF was that?!  Then we get to present day as the family moves from Boston to California for a fresh start after the wife suffers a miscarriage and the husband is caught cheating.  And they buy this house.  And all kinds of weird and scary stuff happens.

When the show ended, I thought, I can't possibly watch this anymore.  It's too much.  But then I saw the previews for the second episode and I was intrigued and knew I'd be watching again.  The second outing wasn't as scary as the first, and it revealed several things about the house.  In the pilot the real estate agent disclosed that the previous owners died in a murder-suicide.  In the second, we learn about a murder that took place in the 60's, and that the house is currently featured on a "Murder House" tour.

Now I find myself wanting to know what other secrets will be revealed and know that I'll definitely be watching again.  I just have to make sure all my lights are on when I watch.


Kerri said...

yikes. yikes. and yikes. i read this email a while back, which led me to watch the show also. i just wrote my blog about it and linked yours as well. scary as shit!!!!

jasperandblue said...

i tried ti watch .. I love all those types of shows. true blood, dexter, walking dead , lost, v secret circle, vampire diaries... an many many more. I was excited abut this... but i was so confused ( and I watched Lost from beginning to end) the husband saw the maid as a sexpot and the wife didn't. who was that man i the rubber suit. I tried for a few more and I think I've given up. there were too many story threads...

Valerie said...

jaspnerandblue--I totally understand where you're coming from. It's a crazy show! I left you a post on your blog, but basically, what's helped me a LOT is reading the show recaps on Entertainment Weekly (ew.com). That guy catches a lot and has interesting theories about where the show's going. If you decide to continue watching, check back here and we can discuss!

Thanks for your comment.