Rambling thoughts on the Emmys

The Emmy's ended right on time--the Oscar producers should take note.

Just some thoughts:
  • I'm happy with Modern Family winning just about anything it was nominated for.  Julie Bowen, Ty Burrell, Best Comedy, Director, etc., etc.  So well deserved.

  • Also happy with Mad Men's win for Best Drama.  When's that damn show coming back anyway?
  • My favorite win of the night was Kyle Chandler FINALLY winning for Friday Night Lights.  I just wish Connie Britton had won too.  (But I was happy for Julianna Marguiles too.)

  • I was surprised by Melissa McCarthy's win for Best Actress in a Comedy.  I was pulling for Laura Linney for The Big C.  I love Melissa McCarthy, but not for Mike & Molly.  I wonder if her turn in Bridesmaids this summer caused people to take notice.

  • I loved what the best comedy actress nominees did--Rob Lowe was naming the nominees and when he said, "Amy Poehler for Parks & Recreation," she jumped right on stage as if she won.  All the other nominees followed suit.  When Melissa McCarthy won, they crowned her like Miss America. 

    As you might recall, a couple years ago, the nominees for Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy all had on funny glasses when their names were called.  Amy Poehler is the common denominator in these two events...I'm sure she had something to do with it.

  • They must do away with red carpet interviews before the show.  They are painful to watch, and I'm sure painful for all involved.   
That's all I've got.  Looking forward to all the New TV this week!

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