SYTYCD finale

No recap tonight because Blogger was down when I was ready to start, and now I need to run to the grocery store, but I just wanted to say that my vote tonight is for Sasha. This is based on her first performance with Mark (the two of them seemed to be made for each other performance-wise). Plus when they ran through her highlights, I was reminded of her piece with Twitch, as well as her incredible performance with Kent last week. She's an incredible performer and I'll be pulling for her to win tomorrow.

Also? No one except Nigel bothered to give any real critique tonight. Katie Holmes, Kenny Ortega and Mary LOVED everything. (Well, except for Tadd and Sasha's routine--Katie was the only one who praised that.)

We'll see what happens tomorrow!

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Erika said...

I felt the same way about the lack of critique. I thought Katie Holmes was pretty useless on that panel, and clearly only really there to remind people that she has a movie coming out in the fall. I haven't seen ALL of the "celebrity" guest judges this season (as opposed to guest judges who have been choreographers on the show), but of the ones that I have, I think I only recall Neil Patrick Harris and Lady Gaga giving useful critique (although Christina Applegate wasn't bad either). Just gushing and telling everyone how amazing they are doesn't help people know what they need to fix. Have you watched the results show yet? I promise I won't spoil it for you!