Mark this day.

Something very unusual happened today.  It only happens once in a great moon, and heck, maybe it happened because there is a full moon tonight.  I can't believe I'm going to write these words:


I've mentioned on this blog repeatedly that country music just doesn't float my boat, but I've acknowledged that every once in a while, there will be a song I do like.  But even when there is, I don't usually put it on my iPod...I just enjoy it when I happen to catch it on the radio.  Well.  The Zac Brown Band was on The Today Show this morning.  They sang "Free," and I was like, "Oh damn.  I like this song."  I waited several hours, listened to it again on iTunes, and then went ahead and purchased it.  it is a good song though.

My dad's a country music fan, and when I called to tell him the news, he went on about how much he likes the ZBB.   They do seem like cool guys...I love that in addition to performing their songs on Today, Zac and his chef also did a cooking segment with Natalie Morales.  They use one of their tour buses to serve food to their fans at their shows.  That's pretty cool.

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