And the winner is....


Although I was pulling for Sasha to win this season of SYTYCD, I wasn't unhappy about Melanie's win because I loved her too.

The show was kind of anti-climatical, probably because there wasn't a lot of suspense, but I enjoyed the tap routine, and I loved seeing two of Sasha's best performances again (the ones with Kent and Twitch). I also loved seeing the one with the Big Kiss from Melanie and Marko again.

Good season--I look forward to next year.


Erika said...

Valerie, had you heard that this season has been their lowest rated one ever? I was suprised when I read that, because I thought that the caliber of dancing has been pretty good. I wonder, though, if the strong emphasis on contemporary dancers and contemporary dance in general has made people feel like they're just watching variations on the same dance, over and over again. They don't have people who can do really well in more traditional hip hop routines, so all of their hip hop choreography is of the lyrical bent, which I enjoy, but after a while it all starts to look the same to me. When I listen closely to the judges' commentary, I become increasingly more uncomfortable with how they view hip hop. If it's a more classic style of hip hop, the only adjective they know how to use is "hard-hitting," and they are constantly talking about breakers and b-boys and -girls as people who have no idea how to do choreography and aren't "trained dancers." Sorry, I'll go rant on my own blog, if I ever get around to posting on it again.

Anyway, I thought both Melanie and Sasha were incredible dancers, and while I was pulling for Sasha to win it, I can't say I was surprised that Melanie did. The girl was a powerhouse, and the range of emotion she was capable of expressing on-stage was impressive.

Valerie said...

No, I hadn't heard about the ratings, but I know Deb felt it was pretty lackluster this season. Despite all the talent, she just didn't care for a lot of the choreography. I did miss routines from Mia as well as those of Wade Robson. Where was he?! Also, I missed Adam what's-his-name on the judges panel. Agree with you that NPH, Gaga and Christina Applegate gave good critiques as guest judges. I liked Kristen Chenoweth too.

I hear ya on the hip-hop. This is Season 8 and they've had plenty of B-boys and girls who could do the choreography, so it should no longer be such a surprise. Some people are just naturally talented like that. (I wish I were!) :o)