Who are the Top 10?

It's late and I'm tired, so this will be a quick summary of tonight's SYTYCD elimination show.   Next week, the dancers will pull a name of another contestant, AND they'll draw a name of an all-star.  Wait...that's 20 performances!  Too much.

The All Stars will be:
Meloday - Season 1 (don't remember her)
Allison - Season 2 (love her)
Pasha - Season 3 (LOVE Pasha!)
Twitch - Season 4 (YAY!)
Comfort - Season 4
Chelsie - Season 4
Brandon - Season 5
Kathryn - Season 6
Robert - Season 7

They asked Alex Wong to come back as an all-star, but just this past Saturday evening, he injured himself.  The same injury he got during SYTYCD, this time on his left foot, instead of his right.  Man, poor guy.

We also learn that Cat was nominated for an Emmy.  Yay!  Eight nominations for SYTYCD. 

The bottom three couples were:

Caitlynn & Mitchell
Ryan & Ricky
Sasha & Alexander

Of these three, I expect Ryan and Ricky to go.  We'll see after the solos.

Jason Samuels Smith & his tap company, Anybody Can Get It, performed "Move the Crowd (Sole Sessions Pt. 1)".  Nice stuff.  Very nice!

  • Caitlynn, Song: "The Edge of Glory" by Lady Gaga.  
  • Mitchell, Song: "Ra" by Nathan Lanier.  Mitchell's fantastic.
  • Ryan, Song: "Not in Love" by Crystal Castles feat. Robert Smith.  Too frantic for my taste.
  • Ricky, Song: "Body Language" by Queen.  His pirouette was amazing.  No denying he's very talented. Nigel later says it's the best "dance for your life" he's ever seen.
  • Sasha, Song: "Thinkin' About Your Body" by Bobby McFerrin.   My favorite solo of the girls.
  • Alexander, Song: "Palladio" by Escala.

I'm still thinking Ryan and Ricky should go.

Nicole Scherzinger performs (lip-syncs and dances).  Wasn't she already on this season, or maybe I'm thinking of Idol??

Finally, the results.  The judges were unanimous with the girls. Ryan's leaving.  It's the right decision.

For the guys, the judges were not unanimous--it was 3 to 1.  They're sending Alexander home.  Nigel said that even though he seemed to find himself last night, tonight's solo let him down.  Aw...I'm sad to see him go.

Looking forward to seeing the All Stars next week!

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