Too soon to become attached

A friend of mine noted that I haven't posted anything yet about the return of So You Think You Can Dance. (I would add that I haven't posted anything about anything in a while.) Of course I'm excited that the show's back, but I've learned over the years that it's a waste of time to fall in love with dancers during auditions because more likely than not, they won't make it to the top 10 or 12, or however many they start with, and you'll never see them again. But then I went on to tell my friend about an audition last night that I really enjoyed. It was a B-boy who did his routine to music that had me expecting Charlie Chaplin to walk on stage. The routine was charming, quirky and whimsical, and I figured it'd be worth it to show it here. I hope Tadd does well in Vegas, because he's also pretty easy on the eyes. (He's 25 so it's okay for me to say that.)

Tadd Gadduang audition - SYTYCD 2011

In completely unrelated news, I would like to recommend that you create a "Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam" station on Pandora immediately. You'll hear great stuff from the late 80s-early 90s like Exposé, The Cover Girls, Ready for the World, Prince, Janet Jackson, Chaka Khan, Nu Shooz, New Edition, etc. Great stuff!

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