SYTYCD - 4 are eliminated

I'm late watching this week's elimination show, but somehow have managed to get through the whole day without hearing who was eliminated.

The show opens with a group dance to "Sinner Man" by Nina Simone.  There's a section in Alvin Ailey's Revelations that's performed to that song.  (In fact, Alvin Ailey Dance Theater performed it on SYTYCD a year or two ago.)  Now it's interesting to watch very different choreography to that music after seeing Revelations so many times.  This looks like it may have been choreographed by the guy from Legion of Extraordinary Dancers.  It was interesting, but the group wasn't completely in sync the whole time, and they seemed a little off.  Oh, it was choreographed by Dave Scott...I was wrong. 

Alvin Ailey:

SYTYCD kids:

After introducing the judges, Cat brings out the first three couples.  Sasha & Alexander, Caitlynn & Mitchell, and Missy & Wadi.  Missy & Wadi are in the bottom three.  The others are safe. 

A rep from Gatorade, one of the show's sponsors, gets some screen time as she goes through the dancer's refrigerator and talks about nutrition, and then shows off a bunch of Gatorade products.  A commercial in disguise.

Cat then brings out Miranda & Robert, Melanie & Marko, Jordan & Tadd, and Iveta & Nick.  Iveta & Nick are in the bottom three.

After commercial, the last three couples come out:  Ashley & Chris, Ryan & Ricky, and Clarice & Jess.  Ryan and Ricky are not safe.

We next get a performance from Rage Crew, who range in age from 8 to 18.  Cat says this is the 3rd time they've performed on the show.  Song: "Party Like This" by Colton B feat. Mauli B.  Little weird to see tiny little girls with bared midriffs shakin' it all over the place.  Beyond that, it was a fun  performance. 

Rage Crew

Time for the solos:

Wadi performs to "Pon de Floor" by Major Lazer feat Vybz Kartel.  He's fantastic in his hip-hop style.

Missy does "Move" (Metronomony Remix) by CSS. 

Nick does a nice tap to "Follow Me Down" 30H!3 feat. Neon Hitch

Iveta performs to Samba Rock by Gennaro.

Ricky dances to "Riot Rhythm by Sleigh Bells.  He's the best I've seen tonight.  Wow!

Ryan dances to "Moving Mountains" by Usher.  Her performance seemed rushed and frantic.

While the judges make their decision, we get a performance from LMFAO, backed by Quest Crew (you remember them...Dominic, Hok.... Wait.  Where's Dominic???  He's inactive right now, and apparently was a judge on the most recent season of America's Best Dance Crew, which I totally missed.) Anyway, there's lots of the Running Man (or "Shufflin'" as they're calling it) in this performance.  It was fun to watch.  You've got to see the leaps toward the end.  Wow.  How does that dude just land on his back like that?!

LMFAO and Quest Crew

Time for results.  The judges are unanimous.  Nigel said there's nothing in Missy's dancing that he can fault.  He tells Iveta that no matter what happens, we'll always remember her first performance with Pasha.  He told Ryan that her solo routine tonight wasn't as good as she's capable of.  Yet, they've decided to keep her.  I think that should be Missy's spot.  He JUST SAID there's nothing to fault in Missy's dancing, yet he faulted Ryan right there on stage, and that's who they saved.  Doesn't make sense to me.

Now for the guys.  He tells Wadi that he hasn't been given time to show what he can do.  Pulling the cha-cha got him in this performance, and he's not sure Wadi "danced for his life" tonight.  He told Nick that he's fortunate two tappers are on the panel tonight (Nigel & Debbie Reynolds), and that Nick's going to be a star.  He told Ricky, "I don't think that we've ever seen you dance better than you danced in your dance-for-your-life tonight."  He was spectacular.

Oh, and Ricky's safe.  (Maybe that's why they kept Ryan...to keep from splitting the pairing.)

So, Iveta, Nick, Wadi and Missy are going home.  That's what I predicted after the competition show, but after the solos tonight, I think the wrong decision was made for the girls.  Oh well....

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