Let's get to the Final Four on Idol

Ryan starts the show by announcing Steven Tyler's new book--I love the title, Does the Noise in my Head Bother You? JLo is going to perform tonight, and we're going to see a preview of her new video. And Randy's.......wearing a teal jacket with zippers all over the place. (Ryan jokes that Randy's having a bake sale.) Lady Antebellum will also be performing.

Then it's the group sing, they start with Happy Together. It's decent, until they hit the high note on so happy to-get-THER...and then it's bad.

Ford commercial. I actually watched this time, and Haley got to drive the car, which parallel parked itself. I need to get that feature on my next car.

Time waster--the kids visit the Hell's Kitchen set. Typical Fox cross-promo. Gordon Ramsey challenges them to make an omelet in 10 minutes. Scotty asks if he's going to teach them first, and Gordon laughs. Gordon was actually laughing throughout...I've never seen such a thing. I'm happy to see that I can make an omelet better than all of them. However, Lauren & Jacob won, and then we're told it's to be continued. And now I actually kind of want an omelet. Maybe tomorrow.

Lady Antebellum performs "Just a Kiss." Nice song. I really like how they harmonize.

Some other time waster happens. Fast forward.

Finally. Some results. Ryan asks James to stand. He summarizes the judges' comments, and then we hear Jimmy Iovine's thoughts. He says the first song ("Closer to the Edge") showed where he can go as an artist, the second song ("Without You), he was overcome with emotion and his voice closed down and it hurt him. Jimmy says you have to control your emotions. (Or as my sister said, "Get it together, man!") Jimmy said he usually gives James a 9 or 10 each week, this week he gives him an 8. Ryan sends James to stand on one side of the stage.

Lauren's next. Jimmy says "Flat on the Floor" was great, but in "Unchained Melody," she pulled back on the biggest note of the song because her fear overcame her performance. He said that will keep her out of the finals if it continues. He thinks she'll be in the bottom two because of "Unchained Melody." Interesting! Lauren's sent to the other side of the stage.

This is what they do when there are five people left. Whoever's last, Ryan's going to ask to go to the side they think they should.

Now there's more of the cooking competition. Fast forward.

JLo's up next with "On the Floor." Fun performance. After commercial is a preview of her video "Into You." Looks pretty sexy--lots of beach scenes with a nice looking guy.

Back to results.

Jacob's next. Jimmy says both songs were off. He thinks fear is getting to Jacob too. He says when you lose confidence, everyone knows it. He gave Jacob a 6, and Ryan has him join Lauren.

Haley stands up. Jimmy said Haley had been running 4th or 5th, so she had to do something risky, hence the unknown Gaga song. He commented that not only did JLo give Haley a tough time, but gave him a tough time too. He says Haley showed no fear in the face of severe criticism and she came forward like a lioness and in "The House of the Rising Sun" and Haley gets a 10. She won the night. WOO-HOO! He says if her confidence continues, she's a lock for the finale. Here's hoping! She's asked to join James. I'm going to take that as her being safe.

That leaves us with Scotty. Jimmy says he gave us a clue of who he'll be in the future with "Gone." On the 2nd song, he came up short. Jimmy has no doubt that Scotty will have an incredible recording career whether he wins or not. Ooh..a twist! Ryan doesn't make Scotty choose a side. He tells him right away that he's safe. Oh...but he does want Scotty to go stand with who he thinks is safe. Scotty refuses. Good for him. Ryan leads him over to James & Haley and says the three of them are safe. YES!

Lauren and Jacob are the bottom two. Lauren's crying and can barely hold it together, but the person going home is Jacob. FINALLY.

He looks sad, but he's not crying. He sings us out with Luther--"A House is Not a Home." He ends on a good note...that song suits him just fine.

Lauren's still trying to hold it together on the side of the stage. I don't know if she'll make it...she looks so pitiful. Honey, you're safe. It's okay to smile now.

So, it's down to James, Haley, Scotty and Lauren. If Scotty or Lauren win, I know I won't be buying their albums. If James wins--maybe. I'd have to hear it first. If Haley wins, DEFINITELY.

I kinda think that no matter where Haley winds up in the competition, Jimmy's going to work with her, no matter what. He's been her strongest supporter on the show. I'm looking forward to the results.


Kerri said...

i had posted a comment but it didn't show up! urgh.

ok, i know you haven't written about the results yet (um, hello?!) but i thought it was hilarious when jacob said, "i think america has fallen in love with me". he always gets in some odd little cocky phrase like that that just sort of repulses me. nope, not in love with you at all, jacob.

anyway, i don't remember what i posted the first time-
i can't believe tho that you didn't comment on jlo's hammertime pants?! ;)

Valerie said...

Hammertime pants! That's exactly what they looked like. I think I mentioned in on the FB chat. Amanda chimed in that it looked like she was "haulin' a load." :o)

You're SO right about Jacob. I pretty much was through with him that week he said if America voted him off, it wouldn't be because of his singing, it'd be because we need to look at ourselves in the mirror.

X (In my head I'm seeing the red "X" on Family Feud.) :o)