American Idol - Finale Night

As I vowed last week,  I did not watch last night's country spectacular.  People at work tell me they think Lauren's going win--and people I talk to who are still interested want Lauren to win.  If you want a recap of last night's show, check out Lisa de Moraes' blog on washingtonpost.com.

I still don't care who wins, so tonight I'm tuning in to see who the special guests are, and to see if Steven Tyler's going to keep his promise to perform with James at the finale. 

After a bunch of intro talk, and the introduction of Scotty and Lauren, we get a group sing of Gaga's "Born This Way."  All the contestant's are there and everyone's wearing white.  They're also lip-synching horribly.  Jacob thinks he's the star and completely hams it up every time there's a camera near his face.  He is so annoying.  Hey, Phillip Bailey's in the house! 

James is performing first with Judas Priest.  He's dressed like one of the Village People in black with silver studs all over the place.  He looks completely ridiculous.  They go into "Breakin' the law, breakin' the law," and I immediately think of Beavis & Butthead.

(Sorry. That was gross, but it was the only thing I could find that showed what I meant.)

The judges and the audience are on their feet.

Next a tribute to Randy: The Veteran. We got a recap of Randy's most common phrases. So-and-so is IN IT TO WIN IT! Ryan said, "We gotta get you a new writer." That's for sure.

Jacob performs "I Smile" with his heroes...first gospel star Kirk Franklin, and then Gladys Knight came out. Gospel is definitely what Jacob's best at. Nice performance.

Next comes Casey with his beard grown back out, and surprise! Jack Black! They sing Queen's "Fat Bottomed Girls." Man...Casey should really be one of the top two. No chance of catching Zs during his performances like when Scotty sings. That was fun.

And here come the ladies of the top 13, dressed in red and singing a Beyoncé medley of "Single Ladies," "Irreplaceable (To the left, to the left...)", "Get Me Bodied," "If I Were a Boy," and "Déjà Vu." Naima thinks she's the star of the whole thing, until Beyoncé herself comes out and does "Crazy in Love." That was a fun performance too, though I am reminded of why some of the girls were voted off early.

Now the tribute to Steven Tyler: The Loose Cannon. We see a series of Steven being bleeped, flirting with the pretty girls, and sharing his Stevenisms.

Next comes Haley performing "Stepping Out with My Baby" with Tony Bennett. I LOVE Haley's dresss...gorgeous. I like Haley doing the jazz thing. Tony even showed off some dance moves.

Next, the tribute to Jennifer Lopez: The Most Beautiful Woman in the World. Lots of guys confessing their crushes on her.

Next comes TLC! I was just thinking about them the other day and downloaded a bunch of stuff. Aw....it's sad to see them without Left Eye. They look good though. Lil Jon starts them off. Naima, Karen, Thia, and (forget her name) come out to perform "Waterfalls."

Next Scotty performs "Live Like You Were Dying" with Tim McGraw. I only watched this because Tim looks good in his t-shirt. I developed a little crush when Tim was on "Who Do You Think You Are." After the episode, I sent a text to my sister, "You know...Tim McGraw really is good looking."

After the commercial, they come back and JLo's not sitting with the judges. Then we go through a clip of some of Idol's "Unsung Heroes," also known as the most embarrassing moments from auditions.

Next, Marc Anthony performs "Aguanile." The song makes me want to get up and Zumba! JLo comes out and dances and shakes her booty. And hey! Sheila E. is on the drums! It's fun to watch Jennifer dancing Latin style. She really is beautiful.

Next there was a tongue-in-cheek bit about whose elimination was most shocking--James or Casey. At the end, Pia comes out wearing a sash that said "Most Shocking." That was cute.

Now the guys perform a medley. First "Kiss" by Prince. (Stefano is no Prince.) Oh, but it's actually a Tom Jones medley. I forgot that he remade "Kiss." Because Scotty can't do anything else, they even threw in a country song that I don't know. And now I'm noticing that Scotty's with the guys, but Lauren wasn't with the girls. I guess last night they mentioned that she'd blown a vocal chord. A couple more songs that I don't recognize, and then Tom Jones and his grey 'fro comes on stage. Where's Carlton when you need him?

It wouldn't be a finale show without a Ford music video. Tonight's edition was a roundup of ALL the Ford videos they did this year. Yawn.

Now I imagine Scotty and Lauren will each win a car. But first, Ford awarded the teachers who most influenced Scotty and Lauren. They got to come to the finale. The teachers each got new cars! Is it because Scotty & Lauren don't drive?? Oh, okay, they get a car too--whichever Ford they want.

Next Lady Gaga performs "The Edge of Glory." She's on a mountain in the middle of the stage. Quite a contraption they've built there. One of her dancers is Mark from SYTYCD, which starts tomorrow!! Love him! This is the routine where I really started to like him:

I can watch that over and over and over. It never gets old.

And now, here's Lauren to perform Carrie Underwood's "Before He Cheats." Then Carrie joins her on stage. They sing well together. Nice job. That's one of the 4 or 5 country-ish songs I actually do like.

Another time killer with the other contestants describing how they feel about Scotty & Lauren. Paul said, "they can't vote--they can barely drive." James says, "They're children." Stefano says, "So we have two sixth graders in the competition and they're kicking everyone's ass." Paul: "They can't even see R-rated movies." Karen: "Go to your prom!" Casey: "They just learned cursive." Casey: "Thanks a lot America. For making us feel stupid." Okay, that was cute.

Beyoncé's back to sing her new single, "One Plus One." Eh. I didn't care for it. (I'm not a big fan anyway.)

Bono & The Edge perform "Rise Above" from their Broadway SpiderMan show. I thought that show was gone? Is it still going on? I hope Spidey doesn't fall and break his back!

Steven Tyler's at the piano to perform "Dream On." Yes!!! I love seeing this song peformed with a full orchestra. Fantastic! I had to rewind and watch that a couple of times before moving on.

And now....time for the big announcement (that I couldn't care less about). Lauren looks like she's about to throw up. The winner of American Idol is: Scotty McCreery. **Golf claps** Actually--Scotty seemed very sincere and humbled, and graciously hugged his family and each and every contestant. Good for him. He's a good guy. He just needs to learn how to hold a microphone.

Okay, on to the next show. So You Think You Can Dance starts tomorrow! Woo-hoo!

Thanks for reading along!

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